Audi has quickly moved from an up-and-coming luxury automaker to one of the best of the luxury segment. The 2016 Q5 gives the German brand a foot in the compact luxury crossover door, which has been booming as of late.

Pricing and Equipment

Pricing for the 2016 Q5 kicks off at a decent $40,900 for the Prestige trim with the 2-liter engine, but it can get pretty expensive pretty quickly. We definitely prefer the extra power that the supercharged 3-liter V6 offers, but we would have had to shell out at least $46,000 to get into one. And a Q5 with an economical turbo-diesel starts at $48,100.

Standard features on the Audi Q5 include:

  • Eight-speed Tiptronic transmission
  • All-wheel drive
  • Xenon plus headlights
  • Tri-zone climate control
  • Leatherette seating
  • Audi Concert radio

Performance Pros

Audi Q5 Front Grille

The engine options for the 2016 Q5 are quite eclectic -- ranging from a decently powerful 2-liter to a mightily supercharged V6 and a thrifty 3-liter diesel. Standard all-wheel drive is a nice benefit too. Some highlights are engine-specific:

  • 27 mpg combined from the turbo-diesel engine
  • 60 mph comes in just six seconds with the supercharged V6

Others are true of the entire range:

  • Snappy shifts from the eight-speed transmission
  • Standard all-wheel drive

Performance Cons

  • We think steering can feel a little numb
  • Likewise, Drive Select modes don't always feel natural

Interior Pros

Audi Q5 Interior

Audi has long rested its faith in providing a clean cabin that is free of flashy bits that cheapen it. We particularly appreciate the perception of space created by the positioning and shape of the Q5's dashboard.

  • Elegant styling gives the cabin a classy look
  • There are lots of standard features

Interior Cons

While the cabin is well laid out, we notice a few clutter issues and some less-than-premium materials.

  • Too many buttons to fumble around with on the center stack
  • Leatherette seating isn't what we'd expect from a luxury crossover

The Most Pleasant Surprise

The impressive range of engines enables a buyer to prioritize what's most important to them: lower purchase price (2.0 T), fuel economy (3.0 TDI), performance (3.0 T), or a mix of the two (Hybrid).

The Least Pleasant Surprise

Only the Hybrid and 3.0 TDI manage to surpass 28 mpg -- we would expect to see 30 mpg from the 2.0 T, but Audi does not deliver here.

The Bottom Line

Audi Q5 Side

The 2016 Audi Q5 is an excellent option for buyers looking for a small crossover with upscale amenities. Yes, it does get a little expensive in higher trim levels, and some models offer mediocre fuel economy, but its features make it a great all-around package.