Chrysler has recently becomes somewhat of a sub-luxury carmaker -- its models have prices that undercut all of the premium brands, but its cars have standard features that make them feel more upscale. Battling it out in the midsize sedan segment for Chrysler is the 200.

Pricing and Equipment

For a sub-luxury sedan, the Chrysler 200 starts off relatively inexpensively at just $21,995. On top of its low price point, the 200 is also quite the looker. What’s more, the standard features list is surprisingly long for this low price, and includes:

  • Keyless entry and pushbutton start
  • LED taillights
  • Rotary shifter for the automatic transmission
  • Automatic headlights

For buyers looking for more premium features, we suggest moving into the $24,145 Limited, the $32,345 S, or $27,225 C.

Performance Pros

Chrysler 200

We find the 200 to be quite the performer with an optional V6 that produces 295 horsepower.

  • Potent V6 equals all its turbocharged rivals.
  • Nine gears helps extend fuel economy.
  • Optional all-wheel drive sweetens things up a bit.

Performance Cons

  • The base 2.4-liter four-cylinder produces just 184 horsepower and lacks oomph.
  • The transmission shifts a little harshly at times.
  • The 200 doesn't handle as well as its sharp looks make you think it will.

Interior Pros

Chrysler 200 Interior

We've found that the interior is a great place to spend long trips. Front seats are particularly spacious. Chrysler put a lot of time and thought into how it set up the cabin. Things are where they need to be and the features -- standard and optional -- are bountiful.

Interior Cons

Our only negative thoughts about the 200’s interior relate to the back seat:

  • Rear passenger space is a bit cramped for the class.
  • A sloping roofline and narrow cutouts for the rear doors complicate entry and exit -- we banged our heads a few times getting in and out.

The Most Pleasant Surprise

Chrysler 200 Rear

The quality and features in the cabin are a great surprise. As with any Chrysler, we expect more for our money, but the 200 goes above and beyond. What’s more, the value just gets better as you move up through the trim levels.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

Most sedans like the 200 try to straddle the line between sport sedan and luxury cruiser, so that's what we’d expect from this Chrysler. The 200, though, places a greater emphasis on comfort than athletic handling, though.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve got the taste for a midsize luxury car but not the budget, the 2016 Chrysler 200 is one vehicle you’ve got to check out. It has plenty of standard features, a bevy of options, and its starting price just barely dips its toes into the $20,000 range.