Crossovers are a great way to avoid entering the minivan zone, particularly seven-seat rigs like the 2016 Dodge Journey. This crossover sits alongside the Dodge Grand Caravan and entices buyers to choose it instead of the soccer-mom-mobile next to it.

While the Journey does have a better image than minivans, it does fall flat in a lot of key areas.

Pricing and Equipment

The 2016 Dodge Journey starts out at a base price of $20,895 in the SE trim, making it a great value in the realm of seven-passenger crossovers. What’s more, this base model is far from stripped down, as it comes standard with:

  • Power, heated side-view mirrors
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Six-speaker audio system with a 4.3-inch touchscreen
  • Premium cloth upholstery

The Journey can get quite luxurious in higher trim levels that include the SXT, Crossroad, Crossroad Plus, and R/T.

Performance Pros

Dodge Journey driver

The optional 3.6-liter V6 engine is a great powerplant that delivers smooth performance and plenty of pep for the class. The automatic transmission handles shifting under heavy throttle nicely.

  • 283-horsepower V6 is the way to go
  • Responsive automatic transmission
  • Nice balance of handling and ride quality

Performance Cons

  • We consider the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine a real sore spot in the Journey -- lethargic and wheezy. We'd simply avoid it.
  • Steering is a tad too touchy
  • Transmission performance is erratic at low rpms
  • Tows just 2,500 pounds with the V6 and 1,000 pounds with the four-cylinder

Interior Pros

A lot of thought went into this crossover’s interior design. We can praise the Journey's simple dash layout with large knobs, and use of high-quality materials throughout.

Interior Cons

While we appreciate the functionality of the Journey’s cabin, the simplicity of its design lacks the panache you'll find in many other Dodges. It might be too plain for some tastes.

The Most Pleasant Surprise

Dodge Journey Side

The features that this model packs are amazing. Even at its base level, the standard equipment is plentiful and desirable. Things just get better as you move up the trim level ladder.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

In today’s crossover game, 30 mpg highway is the new benchmark. Sadly, the Journey misses this by a long shot --the four-cylinder engine gets just 26 mpg highway and the V6 gets 25 mpg highway. A more advanced transmission and some tighter tuning of the engine should make it possible to hit 30 mpg in at least the four-cylinder model.

The Bottom Line

Dodge Journey Interior

The Journey is a good compromise for those who need a minivan but refuse to buy one. As a crossover, however, it falls flat with bland styling inside and out, subpar towing capacity, and poor fuel economy.