The Ford Focus pulls into the 2016 model year as one of the world’s best-selling models. With this status under its belt, Ford is not too fond of changing too much about the model. This is why the 2016 Focus is little more than a carryover of its popular and highly rated 2015 model.

Pricing and Equipment

As an economy car, the 2016 Focus’ pricing must start low enough to remain competitive in its segment, which it does thanks to a price of $17,225 for the sedan in base S trim. At this entry level, the Focus comes with standard features that most buyers would expect from this class, including:

  • Manual Transmission
  • 15-inch steel wheels
  • Cloth seats with manual adjustments
  • Manual climate control
  • Four-speaker audio system
  • Power door locks and windows

Like most cars in its class, the Focus has multiple trims, some of which add high-end features. Where the Focus pulls apart from the class is with its available hatchback model, and the performance-oriented ST and RS trims.

Performance Pros

Ford Focus Rear Quarter

Like all economy cars, the Focus has thrifty powertrains available that get up to 42 mpg highway and deliver acceptable performance. Where the 2016 Focus really stands out is its high-output versions that separate themselves from the segment.

  • Up to 42 mpg and 123 horsepower from 1-liter EcoBoost engine
  • Dedicate balance of handling and comfort
  • RS model with all-wheel drive and 350 horsepower
  • Also-exciting 252-horsepower ST trim

Performance Cons

While the 1-liter EcoBoost engine delivers great fuel economy numbers, its acceleration is underwhelming at best.

  • Real-world fuel economy poor in ST
  • Rough ride in performance models
  • Thrifty 1-liter engine not even close to quick

Interior Pros

The Focus has plenty of standard features to please most entry-level buyers, and its range-topping trims appeal to buyers who can spend a bit more.

  • Well-equipped Titanium trim outdoes some entry-level luxury cars
  • Base features are plentiful
  • Performance models' seats are great for spirited driving

Interior Cons

The large instrument panel and center stack make the front seats feet pretty cramped, and there are some comfort issues on long trips in the ST or RS models.

  • While the stylized dash is nice, it takes away useful space in the seating area
  • ST and RS models' Recaro seats are not made for long trips
  • Back seat is a little cramped

The Most Pleasant Surprise

The number of features available with the Focus is incredible. Most compact cars these days offer a decent list of options to luxe them up a bit, but the compact Ford is at a different level.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

While the Focus’ cabin isn’t small, its bulbous dashboard makes it feel a lot more cramped than it needs to. We appreciate Ford’s attempt at creating a look that isn’t bland, but it takes away from comfort.

The Bottom Line

Ford Focus Interior

The Focus is one of the best-selling models in the world for a good reason. It not only has the thrifty side of the compact car segment down to a science, but it also excels at being luxurious and performance-oriented. Other compact cars just cannot match this do-it-all model.