A gas-sipper with rear legroom that rivals many midsize sedans and usable cargo space that seems to defy the laws of science, Honda's Fit sets the benchmarks in the subcompact segment.

Pricing and Equipment

All 2016 Honda Fit hatchback's are fitted with a 130-horsepower 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. A six-speed manual transmission is standard while those seeking better fuel economy and automated convenience can opt for a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).

The 2016 Fit is available in three trim levels:

  • The base $15,790 LX is nicely equipped for the segment and includes a rearview camera, bluetooth connectivity with hands free audio, and cruise control. The $16,580 CVT-equipped LX includes a fuel saving Eco Assist feature complete with Eco button.
  • The $17,700 EX trim adds a power moonroof, fog lights and 16-inch alloy wheels. A 7-inch touchscreen and pushbutton start enhance the interior. CVT EX models start at $18,500.
  • If a "luxury" Fit is possible, the $20,065 EX-L is it. The standard CVT will take care of gear changes while you sit back in leather-trimmed seats that are heated up front. A leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob give the interior an extra touch of class. An additional $21,065 EX-L NAVI model is also available, which includes -- you guessed it -- navigation.

Performance Pros

Honda Fit Side

We find the Fit nimble and fun to drive, especially when equipped with the standard six-speed manual, the 2016 Honda Fit offers decent acceleration for the segment and excellent fuel economy. The efficient 130-horsepower four-cylinder engine won't win too many drag races, but that is hardly the point.

Gas mileage is excellent across the board, but CVT-equipped models have a decided advantage. An LX with the six-speed manual earns 27 mpg city, 37 mpg highway, and 32 mpg combined. With the CVT, however, it gets an almost unbelievable 33 mpg city, 41 mpg highway, and 36 mpg combined.

Performance Cons

  • Braking is adequate, but we consider this the weakest point in what is otherwise a near perfect gas-sipping budget performer.
  • Engine drone at full throttle acceleration is a by-product of the CVT. Turning up the radio will help, but it will still be noticeable enough to annoy some drivers.

Interior Pros

Honda Fit Interior
  • The roomy interior of 2016 Honda Fit continues to amaze us. How Honda can squeeze that much interior space into a vehicle as tiny as the Fit defies explanation.
  • The fit, finish, and quality of the interior is equally thrilling, especially considering the price point.

Any discussion of the Fit that forgets to mention the spacious rear "Magic" seats would be incomplete. Legroom is on par with Honda's midsize Accord, and the Fit may be the only subcompact that could be used as primary transportation for families with teenagers. In addition to rear seatbacks that fold flat, the bottom cushion flips up to accommodate items that may be too tall for the cargo area.

Interior Cons

The rear legroom comes at a cost to rear cargo space when all the seats are in use. That said, the Fit still offers rear cargo space comparable to other vehicles in the segment and unlike teenagers it is a rare occasion when you hear groceries complaining about being "too cramped."

The Most Pleasant Surprise

The engineering team that devised the Fit's seating configuration deserves an award for ingenuity and design. The ability for the front seats to lay out flat and join with the rear seating surfaces to create additional cargo space or a nice place to stretch out and take a nap is nothing short of spectacular.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

Honda's virtual slider solution for changing the audio volume is cumbersome and aggravating. While the driver can use the illuminated steering wheel mounted volume controls, passengers are forced to deal with the weird touchscreen slider.

The Bottom Line

Honda Fit Rear Quarter

Anyone in the market for a subcompact -- or compact vehicle for that matter -- needs to schedule a visit to the Honda dealer to check out the 2016 Honda Fit. Offering an absolutely brilliant performance-to-fun-to-utility-to-efficiency ratio, Honda's little hatchback just might be the perfect Fit.