Jeep revived the Cherokee in 2014 to mixed reviews, as its new look was a love-it-or-hate-it proposition. It still has looks that polarize Jeep fans, but its capabilities have definitely proved that it is deserving of the Jeep badge.

Pricing and Equipment

At a starting price of just $23,295 for the Sport trim with front-wheel drive, the Cherokee picks up where its last generation left off as one of the lowest-price SUVs. Like most Jeeps, the Cherokee comes pretty well equipped. Its list of standard features include:

  • Power mirrors
  • LED taillights
  • Three 12-volt power outlets
  • Two USB ports
  • Six-speaker audio system

Performance Pros

Jeep Cherokee

We think that the Cherokee is really the best of both worlds, as it works well as a family cruiser or a weekend off-roader, depending on how it is equipped. Its 3.2-liter V6 engine is plenty capable, plus the Cherokee makes a surprisingly good tow vehicle.

  • 271-horsepower V6 delivers plenty of pop for this segment
  • Feels more nimble than its 4,000-pound curb weight should allow
  • Four-cylinder engine delivers ample power and good fuel economy
  • 4,500-pound towing capacity is great for the class

Performance Cons

Finding fault in the Cherokee's performance is tough, but we look to the nine-speed transmission for its greatest weakness: All those gears are a little excessive, and it tends to hunt for gears.

  • We're not sure about the Jeep-ness of standard front-wheel drive
  • Fuel economy is only so-so with the V6

Interior Pros

Jeep Cherokee Interior

The Cherokee's cabin is nicely laid out for a crossover -- everything is where it should be. Innovative interior design adds visual interest, and there are some nice materials in higher trims.

Interior Cons

There's lots and lots of plastic in entry-level Cherokees -- it's everywhere. The urethane shifter knob feels particularly cheap. While this does help keep the price down, it doesn't create a sense of value.

The Most Pleasant Surprise

While an un-optioned Cherokee isn't anything to write home about, the plethora of available features are awesome. We like the fact that there are numerous ways to make the Cherokee more luxurious or more off-road ready, making it tweakable for many different buyers.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

We don't expect soft-touch materials everywhere, but the sea of plastic we sometimes encounter in the Cherokee is a bit overwhelming.

The Bottom Line

The Jeep Cherokee isn't the perfect crossover, but it comes very close. With the availability of premium features and off-road capability, it's a great option for buyers who want the best of both worlds.