The Range Rover is without a doubt the most iconic, and perhaps the most capable, SUV ever made. This British classic offers unparalleled refinement in a 4x4 vehicle that’s as capable as anything on -- or off -- the road.

Pricing and Equipment

With a price tag of $84,000, the base model Range Rover can hardly be called "entry level." The Rover has undergone improvements over the past several years with a lighter, more efficient aluminum body. Standard equipment includes:

  • 19-inch alloy wheels
  • Heated, grained leather-trimmed seats
  • Terrain Response with hill descent control
  • Navigation

We were fortunate enough to be handed the keys to the supercharged model for our test drive. This model boasts a whopping 5-liter V8 engine.

Performance Pros

Land Rover Range Rover Interior

We quickly discovered that the 5-liter V8 turns the Range Rover into a powerhouse. Yet, it’s a refined performance. The ride remains comfortable and -- yes -- even quiet, but when you hit the gas, you learn what real power is.

  • 510 horsepower. No, that's not a typo. This thing is a beast dressed for a dinner party.
  • The Range Rover's handling is fantastic, as expected. Its finely tuned suspension affords a driving experience that is smooth and comfortable, yet sporty.

Performance Cons

  • With a combined 16 mph EPA rating, the Range Rover isn't exactly fuel efficient. To be fair, it's pretty much impossible to create a high performance vehicle that is also highly economical.
  • Off-road electronics diminish some of the 4x4 fun.

Interior Pros

We consider the Rover’s interior surprisingly modern and streamlined. The dash and instrumentation is cleaner and more elegant than past models. Overall, the Range Rover interior offers a tasteful blend of luxury, style and high-tech utility.

Interior Cons

  • We think the touchscreen interface lacks finesse.
  • The optional third row isn't really a third row at all unless it is for small children.

The Most Pleasant Surprise

Who knew they could fit so many horses into a luxury SUV? The supercharged Range Rover rivals many Italian performance cars in terms of raw power. Yet, the Rover somehow maintains a mellow, quiet ride.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

For us, the computerized handling tech took some of the raw fun out of off-roading. However, the average driver probably won't feel a difference.

The Bottom Line

Land Rover Range Rover

The 2016 Range Rover lives up to its pedigree of ultimate luxury and 4x4 utility. We can’t say enough about the supercharged 3-liter V8. The Range Rover leads the way in terms of all-out SUV performance. And it does so with manners, offering a quiet, comfortable ride anyone can appreciate. The Range Rover is a clear, if expensive, winner.