Compact, capable and well-adapted to urban life, the Evoque is the Range Rover for city dwellers. It’s also the logical choice for those seeking a smaller price tag and gas bills.

Pricing and Equipment

The cost of entry for the Evoque is just $41,000 -- low for a Land Rover. All four models are powered by a 240-horsepower 2-liter four-cylinder. The entry level SE comes standard with:

  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • 12-Way grained leather seats
  • Front and rear park distance control
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers

We were lucky enough to test out the HSE with the all-glass roof and a host of luxurious interior accessories -- the navigation really came in handy during testing.

Performance Pros

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Front

The Evoque performs well in both city and highway traffic. It's sporty, quick and a pleasure to drive. Some standouts:

  • This Rover not only looks more agile, it handles that way too. The sensitive power steering and independent suspension deliver the crisp, responsive ride we want to navigate city traffic.
  • We appreciate the pep of the Evoque's 240 horsepower. Though no powerhouse, it still packs a punch.

Performance Cons

  • We aren't crazy about the coarse sound of the engine when accelerating.
  • Obviously, a smaller, lower-profile Range Rover is less adept at off-roading -- but most who buy the Evoque are buying it for city driving.

Interior Pros

This is where the Evoque truly shines. The interior is simply beautiful. It‘s sleek with a range of cool metallic or wood trims. The cabin feels well-assembled, with a solid, hand-crafted look.

Interior Cons

  • With a high beltline and low-profile roof, you are bound to lose some interior space. It’s hard, though, to be critical of Land Rover for this because of the corresponding gains in both aesthetics and urban drivability.
  • Back seats are hard to reach in three-door models.
  • With so many features and technology packages available, it is easy to raise the price on the Evoque. In an ideal world, more would come standard. But that's true for any brand.

The Most Pleasant Surprise

The most pleasant surprise from the new Evoque was the interior. It is richly detailed and provides a refined cabin experience. The power-adjustable seats are stylishly trimmed and bolstered for comfort.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

Even in the five-door Evoque, there simply isn't much rear seat legroom for adults, especially tall ones. As for the three-door, we would not recommend it if you are expecting to have passengers in the rear seats very often.

The Bottom Line

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Interior

The Evoque takes city driving to another level. Richly appointed interiors welcome occupants, while the four-cylinder turbo and independent suspension make city driving a pleasure. As for the exterior, we find its low-profile stance graceful and elegant -- even it sacrifices some interior space.