Delivering strong performance, refinement, and almost impeccable fit and finish, the 2016 Lexus LS 460 is the ideal luxury sedan for those who admire a tranquil environment and subdued, predictable driving dynamics. The LS 460’s reputation for long-term reliability only adds to the sedan’s appeal.

Pricing and Equipment

The V8-powered 2016 Lexus LS 460 is available in three trim levels. Rear-wheel drive is standard, while all-wheel drive is optional.

LS 460 variants include:

  • The $75,520 base LS 460 is complemented by an all-wheel drive variante at $75,645.
  • An extended-wheelbase LS 460 L starts at $78,820, or $82,395 with all-wheel drive.
  • A sport-tuned LS 460 F SPORT begins at $80,870; the all-wheel drive F SPORT starts at $83,325.

Performance Pros

Lexus LS 460

The 2016 Lexus LS 460 is equipped with a 386-horsepower 4.6-liter V8 and an incredibly smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission. Lexus forgoes the "tiny turbocharged engine" trend for a proven V8 that creates 376 pound-feet of torque in a wonderfully linear manner.

  • Acceleration is excellent; the full-size luxury sedan zips from zero to sixty mph in as little as 5.4 seconds.
  • The 2016 LS 460 offers an incredibly smooth ride and no-surprises driving experience. For those who desire a refined luxury sedan with excellent power and a proven record of reliability, the LS 460 is a top pick.
  • All-wheel drive models are excellent in inclement weather, making the LS 460 AWD an excellent vehicle for wintry climates.

The F SPORT models include a 19-inch allow wheels, a sport-tuned suspension, variable-ratio steering, and Brembo brakes. Handling is more dynamic in the F SPORT model, adding to the LS 460’s appeal for luxury shoppers who want a little extra spirit in their driving experience.

Performance Cons

  • The refined luxury and comfortable ride quality come at the price of driving dynamics. The standard suspension is too soft for enthusiasts and the F SPORT looks more aggressive than it feels behind the wheel.
  • Fuel economy in the city is a thirsty 16 mpg.
  • Making the issue of fuel economy even worse is the fact that the LS 460 requires premium unleaded gasoline.

Interior Pros

Lexus LS 460 Interior

The LS 460 offers one of the most refined, if not overly plush, interiors available today. Every surface is made from the finest long-wearing materials; the majority are soft-touch leathers and fine woods.

  • Seating is incredibly comfortable and supportive. Long road trips are never taxing.
  • The LS 460 L’s extended wheel base turns the already cavernous interior into a credible limousine. Rear-seat occupants will be spoiled by the space and amenities that the longer wheelbase model affords.
  • The 2016 model includes a massive 12.3-inch infotainment display with navigation.

Interior Cons

Major European competitors offer more opulent interior options.

The Most Pleasant Surprise

The incredibly quiet cabin of the LS 460 allows for hushed conversations and music played at library levels to be quite audible.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

The F SPORT offers more in the way of enthusiast-oriented driving dynamics, but the comfy nature of the LS 460 resists the temptation to be a truly viable sport sedan alternative to comparable offerings from the likes of Audi and BMW.

The Bottom Line

Lexus LS 460

For individuals and families looking for incredible detail and refinement in a luxury sedan, the V8-powered 2016 Lexus LS 460 is a compelling vehicle. While the LS 460’s driving dynamics fall short of many of its European competitors, the ride quality is absolutely incredible for those who prefer to be isolated from the inconsistencies of the road, the whipping of the wind, and noisy traffic.

When coupled with the Japanese sedan’s excellent reputation for long-term reliability, the LS 460 makes for a compelling option in the full-size luxury sedan marketplace.