The Mercedes-Benz GLE350 is an impeccably built luxury SUV that can haul five passengers, has good tow capacity, and drives more like a big sedan than a truck. You may also already know the GLE350 by its former name, the ML350.

Pricing and Equipment

We received a GLE350 in Polar White with standard rear-wheel drive and a base price of $51,100 (plus a $925 transportation charge). Also available is a 4Matic all-wheel drive with a base MSRP of $53,600. Standard equipment includes:

  • Nineteen-inch five-spoke wheels
  • Heated power front seats with driver seat memory
  • 8-inch high-res color screen with Bluetooth
  • Power Liftgate
  • Agility control suspension

The GLE350 that we received came equipped with the optional Premium 1 package ($3,839) that adds features like blind spot assist, rearview camera, and Keyless-go.

Performance Pros

Mercedes-Benz GLE350 Front

The first thing we noticed behind the wheel of the GLE350 was how comfortable and stable the whole package feels. The taught suspension and solid construction balances out the height and weight, resulting in a drive that's closer to a large sedan.

  • Overall, we found the GLE350 to have nice on-road manners and fairly nimble handling.
  • The 3.5-liter direct V6 delivers a surprising amount of torque, giving it ample power and making this crossover quicker than it may register on a stopwatch.

Performance Cons

  • The start/stop feature on the engine of the GLE350 didn't operate as smoothly as one would expect on a car of this quality.
  • Gas mileage is typical of the class, but isn't great, as it offers an EPA-estimated 18 mpg city/24 mpg highway.
  • For an SUV, the GLE350 doesn't fee l as capable off-roading as some others in the class. It's definitely designated to handle inclement weather rather than to be taken out climbing rocks.

Interior Pros

Mercedes-Benz GLE350 Interior

The interior of the GLE350 features an impeccable fit and finish with styling executed in glossy eucalyptus wood and top-notch leather. A few features that stand out:

  • We found the GLE350 to be beyond spacious, with plenty of head space and leg room for all riders.
  • Every seat is designed with comfort in mind. We could see ourselves happily sitting in any of them for longer hauls.

Interior Cons

The view out the rear window isn’t great and leaves some blind spot areas that we consider a bit problematic. If you are purchasing a GLE350, you should consider a blind-spot monitoring system an essential addition.

The Most Pleasant Surprise

We were far more taken with the Comand touchpad then we thought we would be. It makes complete sense that a console with such intuitive design and responsiveness would be in a Mercedes-Benz, but that didn’t stop us from wishing it were in our own cars.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

It’s difficult to find more than nit-picky issues with the GLE350 as a whole, but if forced to choose it would be how difficult it is to see out the rear window. It creates a few blind spots, which make the advanced monitoring safety systems more necessary than they might otherwise be.

The Bottom Line

mercedes-benz gle350

The GLE350 has the pillowy soft ride, carefully curated interior and all the other classic attributes one has come to expect from a Mercedes-Benz wrapped in an SUV. If you’re purchasing a GLE350, we highly recommend adding the Driver Assistance Package ($1,950). It’s a relative bargain for the safety technology that it adds, including blind spot assist, which we found to be very helpful.