In 2005, the Nissan Frontier underwent its last significant redesign -- a look that is nearly unchanged as we enter the 2016 model year. It's an 11-year-old design, and we expect some outdated elements, but this also means that the Frontier isn’t so stylish that you’re afraid to toss a few hundred pounds of gravel in the bed.

Pricing and Equipment

The Nissan Frontier may be an aging pickup, but it remains as one of the least expensive pickup on the market with a starting price of just $18,090. This base Frontier S King Cab comes standard with:

  • 15-inch steel wheels
  • Tailgate spoiler
  • Rear jump seats
  • Four-speaker audio system

While the base model is pretty simple, there is a wide array of trims to choose from, including the SV, PRO-4X, and Desert Runner.

Performance Pros

Nissan Frontier Engine Bay

The 4-liter V6 is plenty potent -- enough to handle the hauling needs of most buyers. We also think it's a hoot taking the off-road prepped PRO-4X off the beaten path.

  • 261-horsepower V6 injects plenty of power into this midsize pickup.
  • Max towing capacity of 6,500 pounds is impressive for the segment.

Performance Cons

  • The base four-cylinder engine, with just 152 horsepower, is uninspiring at best.
  • We understand the Frontier is a truck, but does it need to ride like a tank?

Interior Pros

Nissan Frontier Interior

As pickup trucks have gotten more comfortable and more expensive, interior materials have lost some of their scuff-friendly durability. Buyers who want a work truck might just appreciate the hard plastics that abound in a Frontier's cabin. And you can still lux it up a bit with optional features.

Interior Cons

Most buyers, however, will look at competition like the Chevrolet Colorado and feel like a Frontier's cabin is ancient history by comparison. Dated interior design and a lack of soft-touch materials leave a lot to be desired.

The Most Pleasant Surprise

The responsiveness of the V6 is somewhat unexpected. We knew that it was significantly more potent than the four-cylinder, but it really does turn the Frontier into a different truck.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

The interior is simply not up to par with today’s standards. Even with low expectations because of the Frontier's age, we still think it's pretty bad.

The Bottom Line

Nissan Frontier

If you are looking for a truck that can handle work and not drain your wallet, the Frontier is great. This imported pickup harks back to the days when trucks were trucks and styling wasn’t a concern. However, these days, pickup trucks are becoming well-equipped daily drivers, and the Frontier is too old and simple to serve in this new role.