Lincoln has had a rough run of it in the past few decades, falling from grace as a true luxury automaker. In the past few years, however, Ford Motor Company has distanced its luxury arm from the Ford brand, and things are starting to look up. We feel that the MKC is definitely a step in the right direction for the rebooted luxury lineup.

Pricing and Equipment

The 2017 Lincoln MKC may not have the brand cachet of a BMW or Mercedes-Benz, but it does offer plenty of bang for the buck. The base Premier trim level starts out at just $33,645 (delivery fees included) and comes standard with an array of upscale features like:

  • Eighteen-inch wheels
  • Automatic xenon HID headlights
  • Power liftgate
  • Leather seating
  • Nine-speaker audio system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Buyers looking for even more features have a handful of other trims to pick from, including the Select ($36,645), Reserve ($40,410), and Black ($46,400). All of the above prices are for models with front-wheel drive—all-wheel drive runs an extra $2,405 to $2,410, depending on the trim.

Performance Pros

BMW 640

The 2017 MKC has plenty to offer in terms of performance as its pair of EcoBoost engines give it ample power and its suspension is a delicate balance of comfort and firmness.

  • 240 to 285 horsepower from its EcoBoost engines is plenty
  • Handling is on par with most competitors, and the MKC feels confident in the corners

Performance Cons

While we enjoyed the tight handling of the MKC, the ride feels a little too rigid at times. This takes away from the feel of it being a luxury crossover. Also, real-world fuel economy is not one of the MKC’s strong points

Interior Pros

BMW 640

Lincoln delivers a plush experience in the MKC with premium features and ambiance. The cabin is well-equipped, nicely styled, and peaceful, which is all we can ask of a luxury crossover. The quiet cabin makes the MKC ideal for long-distance trips, as does an array of appealing options.

Interior Cons

  • People over six feet tall will struggle to get comfortable in the back seat
  • The push-button transmission, while functional, is a little strange

The Most Pleasant Surprise

The overall build quality of the MKC was very surprising to us. Lincoln has had issues with feeling like slightly warmed-up Fords, but this crossover does a great job separating itself from its platform-mate, the Ford Escape.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

While its EPA ratings are respectable at up to 29 mpg highway, we found that its real-world fuel economy fell noticeably short of this. This is a common theme with Ford’s EcoBoost powerplants, but it is even more pronounced in the 2017 MKC.

The Bottom Line

The 2017 Lincoln MKC is a great value proposition for luxury crossover buyers as it significantly undercuts even the Acura RDX. You are, however, giving up a recognizable nameplate, and the option of a thrifty diesel or hybrid powertrain.