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2018 BMW 2-Series

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2018 230i 2dr Rear-wheel Drive Coupe
most popular
Price:   -  From $34,950
2018 230i xDrive 2dr All-wheel Drive Coupe Price:   -  From $36,950
2018 230i 2dr Rear-wheel Drive Convertible Price:   -  From $40,750
2018 230i xDrive 2dr All-wheel Drive Convertible Price:   -  From $42,750
2018 M240i 2dr Rear-wheel Drive Coupe Price:   -  From $45,450
2018 M240i xDrive 2dr All-wheel Drive Coupe Price:   -  From $47,450
2018 M240i 2dr Rear-wheel Drive Convertible Price:   -  From $50,050
2018 M240i xDrive 2dr All-wheel Drive Convertible Price:   -  From $52,050


While it may serve as the brand’s entry-level model today, the BMW 2-Series is the embodiment of the 2002 models of the 1970s - especially 1973’s giant-killer 2002 Turbo – that put the company on the map in the minds of many performance-car shoppers. The modern 2-Series may be larger and more luxurious than those BMWs of yore, but the basic blueprint for size-defying performance remains.

What's New for 2018

BMW isn’t messing with what works, limiting changes to a trio of new paint hues, new standard bi-color wheels, a refreshed interior including a new dash and instrument cluster, and tweaked front and rear fascias with newly-standard LED headlights and tail lamps. It massaged the MSRPs as well, with price hikes in excess of $1,000 across the board.

BMW 2-Series

Choosing Your BMW 2-Series

Compared to some of its siblings, selecting the ideal 2-Series is relatively straightforward, as it’s only available in two-door coupe and convertible body styles, with rear- or all-wheel drive, and in four-cylinder 230i or six-cylinder M240i forms. The latter only comes one way, but both 230i body styles have three Designs packages, resulting in a half-dozen variants that each offer a customizable combination of standard and optional equipment including a pair of packages BMW calls Tiers.

All 230i models sport a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four with 248 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual transmission is available only in rear-drive coupes, and it returns EPA ratings of 21 mpg city, 32 highway and 25 combined. Substituting the no-cost eight-speed automatic raises those figures to 24/35/28, while the figures for all-wheel drive-equipped coupes and either-drive convertibles vary by just one mpg here and there.

Upgrading to the M240i significantly ups the 2's performance with a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six with 335 hp and 369 lb-ft, plus a sport exhaust system. Here, too, the six-speed does hyper-milers a disservice, returning 19/28/22, while every other configuration rates 21/30/24. The manual is available in rear-drive M240i coupes and convertibles, although adding all-wheel drive to either requires the eight-speed auto.

Adding xDrive all-wheel drive to any 2-Series is $2,000, while a $500 Driving Assistant Package, which includes a camera-based suite of electronic safety systems that includes lane departure and speed limit warnings, and frontal collision warning with city collision mitigation and pedestrian protection, is similarly universal.

BMW 2-Series


BMW 2-Series pricing starts with the 2.0-liter, four-cylinder-powered rear-wheel drive coupe, which runs $35,945 (all MSRPs include a $995 Destination Charge), while opting for the available convertible version of same is an additional $5,800.

Next comes picking a Design. The default is the Sport Line, which features a sportier body with gloss black grille and bumper accents. For an additional $350 the Luxury Design switches to chrome accents on the grille, bumpers, window surrounds and exhaust finishers, plus a special interior trim and leather upholstery color pairing

For those wanting an M240i’s flavor on a four-cylinder budget, BMW offers the M Sport Design. It’s cheaper than the M240i by $5,800 on coupes and $5,700 on convertibles, but as it’s an additional $3,600 or $4,700 on open and closed cars, respectively, it is by no means cheap. Still, considering all of the additional gear it gets, it is a bit of a bargain.

Included are several M Sport exclusives, including a branded steering wheel, special 18-inch wheels, sportier suspension, and a unique body kit with Shadowline matte-grey trim. Also along for the ride are auto-dimming mirrors, ambient lighting, SiriusXM satellite radio with a free one-year All Access Subscription, a universal garage door opener, keyless entry, and adjustable lumbar supports in the front seats.

Those looking for the comfort and convenience items of the M Sport can add them to the other designs via the $1,300 Convenience Tier. The aptly-named Premium Tier either includes the Convenience Tier for the two designs that need it for $3,550 or $2,250 for the M Sport, where it’s standard. It adds a navigation system with real-time traffic information, heated front seats and steering wheel, BMW remote services, and an augmented instrument cluster with a larger high-resolution display.

So long as the Convenience Tier gear is on board, all 230i models can be augmented with the Track Handling Package. For $2,300 (or $1,700 on M Sports) it adds upgraded brakes, wheels, and tires, variable-assist sport steering, and Adaptive M Suspension, an electronically-controlled system with Comfort and Sport modes that automatically adjusts damper response according to mode setting and road conditions.

Standard on the 230i is BMW’s SensaTec Leatherette upholstery, with leather a $1,450 upgrade on cars with the Convenience Tier or above. Similarly, two interior accent trim styles are available across the board, with another two available as a $350 add-on for either extra-cost tier. Paint-wise BMW offers black or white for free and one of eight metallics for $550. For convertibles buyers a black or brown fabric roof is available with “silver effects” for an additional $100 – there's no cost for the default black roof.

For those without the funds – or desire – to go all-in on the high-dollar Premium Tier, BMW has also made most of its contents available individually. The heated seats and wheel are $500 and $195 each, respectively, while the navigation system runs $1,700 on its own. Additionally, a Harmon Kardon surround sound audio system ($875), wireless charging and a WiFi Hotspot ($500), Apple CarPlay ($300), plus Active Cruise Control and Adaptive LED Headlights at $800 per are also available.

BMW 2-Series


Though it represents a $10,500 leap in price over any respective 230i, buyers looking to buy as much of the M-car magic found in the bonkers $55,495 M2 Coupe (covered elsewhere) as they can on a budget will find it in the base M240i. Not only is the M2’s only configuration – a rear-drive coupe motivated by a 3.0-liter M-built turbocharged inline-six paired to a six-speed manual the M240i’s base model, it comes at a $9,050 discount over the “real” 2-Series M.

Granted, much of the M2’s go-fast – visual and otherwise – and high-zoot gear is its alone, but in its place comes the freedom to select a self-shifting transmission, convertible top, all-wheel drive, or any combination thereof. The M240i has 30 fewer ponies under its hood, but an M suspension with adaptive dampers is standard, the eight-speed automatic is a no cost option, xDrive all-wheel-drive is $2,000, and a convertible is $5,800. All three can be opted-for and still leave $1,250 in a buyer’s pocket to spend on options, including the $2,250 Premium Package, which is just another name for the 230i’s Premium Tier.

The M240i retains the 230i's standalone options pricing. And in a bit of good news/bad news customization-wise, all available paints and either top color are complimentary, though the number of the former has dropped to six with white and five metallics on the M240i’s palette.

CarsDirect Tip

There’s no doubt that $46,445 is a lot of money to spend on a base-model compact coupe, but it’s nevertheless today’s entry fee to six-cylinder BMW ownership and thousands less than the full-bore M2 model with which it shares a great deal. But if you drive a 230i and find that four cylinders suit you just fine, that leaves you with an equal amount in savings you can spend on using that model’s intricate options system to trick-out your 2-Series to taste.

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Expert Review

Expert Rating

Our expert ratings are based on seven comprehensive criteria: quality, safety, comfort, performance, fuel economy, reliability history and value.

You can interpret our ratings in the following way:

: Outstanding vehicle. Only the most exceptional vehicles achieve this rating.

: Very Good vehicle. Very good and close to being the best vehicle in its class.

: Good vehicle. Decent, but not quite the best. Often affordable, but lacking key features found in vehicles of the same class.

: Below average vehicle. Not recommended, and lacking attributes a car buyer would come to expect for the price.

: Poor vehicle. Simply does not deserve to be on the road.

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Automotive Editor

Many automotive enthusiasts these days have decried that "BMW has lost their way." In many ways, they have a point. A not insignificant number of their models these days are luxury vehicles that handle well, but they seem to lack that special stuff that made the company so legendary in times past. Some of their cars only really exist to sell BMWs to people that normally couldn't afford a BMW. It's sad, but BMW isn't doing much to prove the enthusiasts wrong.

Except for the 2-Series. In fact, the 2018 BMW 2-Series may be the automaker's most interesting and compelling model currently on sale, outside of some of the hardcore M models. The diminutive size of the 2-Series allows for handling that harks back to some of the best BMWs of yesteryear, and all trims are quick, and you can even get a convertible version. Even the base model has the special stuff, making the 2-Series deserving of the moniker "the Ultimate Driving Machine."

Best Value

The M240i is a great car with a fantastic engine, but there's plenty to be had with the base 230i model. Unlike many other basic BMWs, the 230i will make you feel like you've spent your money well, and it's plenty fast. We'd stick with the coupe roof, rear-wheel drive, and a manual transmission because the 2-Series is actually offered with one.

We think the Sport Line Design is better looking than the chrome of the Luxury Design, and it's much cheaper than the mostly aesthetic M-Sport Package, and the M-Sport's non-aesthetic additions are available to the Sport Line through the $1,300 Convenience Tier, so we'll just pick that. We'll stick with the leatherette to save some coin, and spend that money instead on the Track Handling Package to highlight the BMW performance of which the car is capable. For standalone options, we'd be sure to select the heated front seats.

  • Model: 2018 BMW 230i Coupe
  • Engine: 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four
  • Output: 248 hp / 258 lb-ft
  • Transmission: Six-speed manual
  • Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive
  • Fuel Economy: 24 City / 35 Hwy
  • Options: Sport Line Design ($0), Convenience Tier ($2,200, a garage door opener, ambient lighting, auto-dimming mirrors, satellite radio, a moonroof, keyless entry, lumbar support), Track Handling Package ($2,300, Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, M Sport Brakes, sport steering, adaptive suspension), heated front seats ($500).
  • Base Price: $35,945 (including a $995 destination charge)
  • Best Value Price: $40,945


BMW 2-Series

The 2-Series is available in two trims, and both are equipped with great running gear. The 230i gets a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo that spits out 248 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Despite being the base option, the turbo manages to be full of life with great power delivery throughout the rev range, allowing the 230i to hit 60 mph in less than six seconds. The M240i comes with a classic BMW 3.0-liter straight six with a turbocharger that can generate a hefty 335 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque, which is quite a bit for a car as small as the 2-Series, to say the least. This powerplant allows the M240i to sprint to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds, which is properly fast.

The 2-Series is available in rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, with all-wheel drive saving you a couple tenths of a second off of the zero-to-60 time over the rear-wheel-drive models while also providing some extra grip in the corners. Unfortunately, all-wheel drive is only available with the eight-speed automatic transmission, as the six-speed manuals only come on the rear-drive coupes. The eight-speed auto isn't a bad transmission by any stretch of the imagination, but we do love the fact that BMW is still offering this car with a stick when the rest of the world is quickly moving away from them. The M240i comes standard with an adaptive suspension, upgraded brakes, and sport steering, but you can add those to the 230i by selecting the Track Package.

Dynamically, the 2-Series is sublime. It pivots around the driver accurately and predictably, and it feels at home on the racetrack. Cars keep getting bigger and bigger, but the 2-Series smaller stature makes it feel nimble and playful. Pair the manual transmission with rear-wheel drive and the result is a car that feels alive.


The BMW 2-Series certainly looks like a BMW. According to the designers, the 2-Series is meant to convey the style of its spiritual successor: the 2002 coupe from the 1970s. This can be seen in the relatively upright roof and low window line, which allows for a nice view outside of the vehicle. Overall, though, it's a small BMW that looks exactly like a small BMW. Inside, the 2-Series looks a little plain, but the cheaper materials are well hidden with the exception of the leatherette, as it's not very convincing. Leather is available as an upgrade provided you have the money.

The rear seat is almost vestigial at this point, but if you insist on using it, the convertible with the top down would be much less claustrophobic for anyone stuck back there. The front seats are supportive and comfortable, although you don't get lumbar support without paying extra. The option list for the 2-Series isn't nearly as expansive as the rest of the BMW lineup, but they still manage to goad you into paying a bit more. Apple Car Play, which is a standard feature on many economy cars that cost half as much, will set you back an extra $300.

The Best and Worst Things

The 2-Series' greatest asset is the combination of the car's driving dynamics and available engines. It'll put a smile on your face as you find the twisty roads, and it encourages you to drive harder. It's an old-school feel that's missing in many cars these days, and we're delighted to find it in the 2-Series.

The biggest downside is that the options are expensive and can inflate the price quickly. You can easily spend $10,000 on various options and packages to make it feel like a luxury car. This is the BMW way, but it still makes us feel like they're nickel-and-diming us.

Right For? Wrong For?

BMW 2-Series

The BMW 2-Series is the perfect car for those who pine for BMWs of yore. The M240i in particular, with its 335-hp engine, compact size, and optional manual transmission draws many parallels to the legendary E46 M3 from the early 2000s. If you're a fan of the blue and white propeller, but you're not excited by the company's recent focus on electric cars and herds of SUVs, you owe it to yourself to look into the 2-Series. It reminds us that BMW is still capable of building a fantastic driving machine.

However, having only two doors can get annoying sometimes. If you have to carry around more than one passenger at all, look at an Audi A3 or S3. Those cars are equally fast as the 230i and M240i, but also have an extra pair of doors in the back.

The Bottom Line

It's easy to be cynical about BMW these days, but the 2-Series is the BMW that lets us know they still have the ability to build a car that's full of life and fun to drive. While it may feel a bit cheap in some ways, the 230i and M240i are some of the most entertaining cars on the road today, with a feeling that reminds us of some of BMWs greatest hits over the years. If you only need space for one or two, it's hard to go wrong with a 2018 BMW 2-Series.

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Specs & Features

Overall Crash Safety Rating
Not Available
Engine - Cylinders/Horsepower/Torque
2.0L I-4 / 248 HP / 258 ft.lbs.
Standard: 8-spd sequential shift control auto w/OD
Available: 6-spd man w/OD
Drive Type
Fuel Economy - City/Highway/Combined
24 / 35 / 29 Mpg
Passenger Capacity
Bumper to Bumper Warranty
48 Months / 50,000 Miles
Mechanical Specs
Engine - Cylinders/Horsepower/Torque
2.0L I-4 / 248 HP / 258 ft.lbs.
Drive Type
Fuel Economy - City/Hwy/Combined
24 / 35 / 29 Mpg
4-wheel Disc
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Independent Multi-link
Spare Tire And Wheel
Fuel Tank
13.7 Gal.
Recommended Fuel Type
Premium Unleaded
Average Cost To Fill Tank
Dimensions & Capabilities
Maximum Cargo Volume
13.8 Cu.ft.
Passenger Volume
Exterior Length
174.7 "
Exterior Width
69.8 "
Exterior Height
55.8 " / 55.4 "
Front Headroom
40.1 "
Rear Headroom
36.5 "
Front Legroom
41.5 "
Rear Legroom
33.0 "
Front Shoulder Room
54.4 "
Rear Shoulder Room
53.4 "
Front Hip Room
Rear Hip Room
Curb Weight
3,373 Lbs. / 3,342 Lbs.
Wheel Base
106 "
Turning Radius
17.9 '
Exterior Features
Door Count
2 Doors
17.0 " Machined W/painted Accents Aluminum / 18.0 " Painted Aluminum / 18.0 " Machined W/painted Accents Aluminum / 18.0 " Silver Aluminum
Clearcoat Monotone / Metallic Monotone
Exterior Mirrors
Dual Power Remote Heated / Power Remote Heated Driver
Body-colored / Body-colored With Chrome Insert
Grille Moldings
Black W/chrome Surround / Chrome
Rear Spoiler
Stainless Steel With Chrome Tailpipe Finish
Interior Features
Passenger Capacity
Seat Trim
Sensatec Leatherette / Dakota Leather
Front Seat Type
Sport / Bucket
Heated Front Seats
Driver And Front Passenger Heated-cushion, Heated-seatback
Front Driver Seat Direction Controls
12-way (10-way Power) / (8-way Power)
Front Passenger Seat Direction Controls
12-way (10-way Power) / (8-way Power)
Front Armrests
12-way (10-way Power) / (8-way Power)
Rear Armrests
Rear Seats
60-40 Bench
Radio & Infotainment
Am/fm/hd, Seek-scan / Siriusxm Am/fm/hd/satellite, Seek-scan
6 / 16 Harman/kardon
Radio Steering Wheel Controls
Apple Car Play
Android Auto
Bluetooth w/ Hands-Free Connectivity
Convenience Features
Steering Wheel Type
Telescopic Tilt Sport
Climate Control
Automatic Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
With Steering Wheel Controls
Sun Roof
Express Open/close
Rearview Mirror
Day-night / Auto-dimming Day-night
One Touch Open Window
Driver And Passenger
Tinted Windows
Vanity Mirrors
Dual Illuminated
Remote Keyless Entry
Keyfob (all Doors)
Power Outlets
Safety Features
Overall Crash Safety Rating
Not Yet Available
Overall Front Crash Safety Rating
Not Yet Available
Overall Side Crash Safety Rating
Not Yet Available
Rollover Crash Safety Rating
Not Yet Available
Front Impact Airbags
Driver And Passenger
Driver Side Impact Airbags
Seat Mounted
Knee Airbag
Driver And Passenger
Passenger Side Impact Airbag
Seat Mounted
Rear Side Airbag
Seatbelt Pretensioners
Anti-Lock Brakes
4-wheel Anti-lock Brakes (abs)
Forward Collision Warning
Blind Spot Sensor
Lane Departure Warning
Lane Departure
Autonomous Cruise Control
Pedestrian Detection
Driver Attention Alert
Daytime Running Lights
Auto High Beams
Adaptive Headlights
Parking Sensors
Park Distance Control Automated / Parking Assistant Automated
Security Systems
Security System
Panic Alarm
Ignition Disable
Bumper To Bumper Months Miles
48 Months / 50,000 Miles
Major Components Months
48 Months / 50,000 Miles
Included Maintenance Months
36 Months / 36,000 Miles
Roadside Assistance Months
48 Months / Unlimited Miles
Corrosion Perforation
144 Months / Unlimited Miles
Accessories Months

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