After taking the 2017 model year off as BMW worked on refining this performance sedan, the M5 returns in 2018. The 2018 BMW M5 comes back with the goal of crushing all its competition with the perfect balance of performance and luxury. Unlike some of its competitors that make you choose at the dealership whether you want to carve canyons curves or cruise the interstate, the M5 aims to let you choose on the fly. Does the 2018 BMW M5 hit its mark in carefully weaving together performance and luxury? Continue reading to find out.

Best Value

Like most other BMW models, the 2018 M5 doesn’t have traditional trim levels. The M5 instead just has a base model with a handful of available packages and options. The two packages available on the 2018 BMW M5 are well worth the price to upgrade this $100,000 sports sedan.

The M5’s standard features are plentiful and include 19-inch wheels, an adaptive suspension, LED headlights, 20-way power front seats, ambient interior lighting, a 10.2-inch touchscreen, a 16-speaker audio system, and more. At $1,700 and $5,000, respectively, opting for the Driving Assistance Plus Package and Executive package is a no-brainer.

  • Model: 2018 BMW M5
  • Engine: 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8
  • Output: 600 hp / 553 lb-ft
  • Transmission: Eight-speed automatic
  • Drivetrain: All-wheel drive
  • Fuel Economy: 15 City / 21 Hwy
  • Options: Driving Assistance Plus Package ($1,700, adaptive cruise control with stop and go, automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, side collision avoidance, front cross-traffic alert, Traffic Jam Assist), Executive Package ($4,000, surround-view camera, front and rear heated seats, ventilated front seats, front massaging seats, park assist, power rear sunshade, manual rear side window shades, soft-close doors, four-zone automatic climate control, wireless charging, WiFi)
  • Base Price: $104,595 (including a $995 destination charge and $1,000 gas guzzler tax)
  • Best Value Price: $110,295



The 2018 BMW M5 boasts a 600-horsepower turbocharged V8 engine that delivers amazing straight-line speed and a sport-tuned suspension that handles the twisties with ease. What’s more, the driver can adjust the standard all-wheel drive to run in two-wheel-drive mode, allowing the back end to get drifty.

In 2018, the M5 drops both the six-speed manual transmission and seven-speed dual-clutch unit in favor of an eight-speed automatic. While we miss the control the manual offered, the eight-speed transmission offers plenty of control and is just as snappy as the dual-clutch unit. This eight-speed also allows the driver to tone everything down and turn the M5 into a smooth-shifting luxury cruiser.

Though the M5 drives smaller than its size, its 4,370-pound curb weight can get a little unruly in the corners. Head into a turn with too much speed, and the M5’s weight makes the sedan plow forward into the turn instead of turning in with confidence.


There's a ton to love about the BMW M5’s style. It takes the classic looks of the 5-Series and sprinkles sportiness to set it apart. Things like the power-dome hood, sportier bumpers, and quad-exit exhaust enhance its looks without taking it too far. And this is one sports sedan you can take on a road trip with its cavernous 18.7-cubic-foot trunk.

Inside, much of the same goodness carries on. The M5 has all the luxurious appointments of the standard 5-Series, but with added touches of sport from the sport seats, Alcantara headliner, aluminum and carbon trimming, and more.

The only downside to the M5’s interior is that it comes only as a four-seater instead of a five-seater. This can make it a tough buy for some families and businesspeople who taxi around associates often.

The Best and Worst Things

The combination of sport and luxury that BMW pulled off with the 2018 M5 is astonishing. With the flip of a few switches, this sedan goes from track monster to luxury cruiser and back.

To manufacture near perfection, BMW spared no expense. The result is an inflated price. With a starting price of $104,595 and options that can inflate the price to well over $130,000, this sedan is only for those with the deepest pockets.

Right For? Wrong For?


The M5 is for the businessperson who loves to tackle twisty mountain roads on the weekends.

City-locked businesspeople who handle nothing but bumper-to-bumper traffic all day will see the M5’s potential go to waste.

The Bottom Line

The 2018 BMW M5 returns with a vengeance, offering nothing but pleasure in almost all situations. But with this perfection comes an insane price tag, severely limiting its potential buyers.