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2018 Honda CR-Z: Rumors, Release Date

, Automotive Editor - September 14, 2015
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The rumor mill is churning with news suggesting that a new 2018 Honda CR-Z is in the works. It's a surprising revelation, considering that the CR-Z is Honda's slowest seller. Moreover, as reported by Automotive News, sales of the CR-Z have dropped substantially over the last year or so.

But why? We believe that the Japanese automaker is trying to beef up its credibility after the loss of the S2000 and Acura's Integra Type-R in 2001. An all-new turbocharged 2016 Honda Civic is on the horizon and may help to reinvigorate the brand's performance appeal.

Moreover, two models from the brand that will make it to the U.S. are the Civic Type-R and the brand's more upscale (and more expensive) 2016 Acura NSX. Will the 2018 CR-Z also join the souped-up stable? We can't say for sure, but we, like many enthusiasts, are hoping.

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In addition, despite rumors of Honda working on non-hybrid version of the CR-Z equipped with a more powerful gasoline engine, Honda's Chief Engineer Terukazu Torikai has gone on the record as saying that simply will not be the case. According to him, employing a hybrid powertrain for the CR-Z is essential.

Release Date

If it makes it to production, the 2018 Honda CR-Z will probably go on sale later in 2017. If that's too long to wait, the updated 2016 Honda CR-Z is on the horizon.

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Pictured: 2015 Honda CR-z HPD Edition

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