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2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia

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Alfa Romeo
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2019 Base 4dr Rear-Wheel Drive Sedan
most popular
Price:   -  From $38,545
2019 Base 4dr All-Wheel Drive Sedan Price:   -  From $40,545
2019 Ti 4dr Rear-Wheel Drive Sedan Price:   -  From $40,745
2019 Ti 4dr All-Wheel Drive Sedan Price:   -  From $42,745
2019 Quadrifoglio 4dr Rear-Wheel Drive Sedan Price:   -  From $74,245


Alfa Romeo likes to assert that it sells the "mechanics of emotion," and on the whole it's a hard statement to refute. The Germans build automobiles with a stoic, calculated philosophy. The Americans are all about flash and glamour. Only the Italians seem so focused on the emotive, right-brain experience. Case in point is the 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia, the brand's compact luxury sedan which goes up against the likes of the 3-Series and C-Class. It might not have the widespread appeal to topple those stalwarts, but for those who seek to be enlivened by their commute, you'd be remiss not to consider the segment's most impassioned driver's car.

What's New for 2019

The Guilia benefits from a host of small updates for 2019. Chief among them are fresh wheel designs, a new appearance package, and newly available options like a premium alarm system and heated rear seats. On Quadrifoglio models, there's now 40/20/40-split folding rear seats and anodized red brake calipers.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Choosing Your Alfa Romeo Giulia

Three trim levels and two engine choices anchor the Guilia lineup. The king of the hill is the fire-breathing, 505-horsepower V6 Quadrifoglio; the lesser trims make do with a tamer turbocharged four-cylinder engine that nevertheless offers class-leading power.

Much like its competitors, that turbo-four is a 2.0-liter affair, drumming up 280 horsepower and 306 pound-feet of torque. It's enough gusto to let the Guilia manage a 5.1-second zero-to-60 mph pull and ultimately reach a top speed of 149 mph. An eight-speed automatic transmission sends power back to the rear wheels, though those living in the snowbelt will probably want to splurge for the optional $2,000 all-wheel drive. Gas mileage for rear-wheel-drive models is EPA-rated at 24 miles per gallon city, 33 mpg highway, and 27 combined; all-wheel-drive cars return 23/31/26 mpg (city/highway/combined).

This volume engine is there to grow sales and raise funds. If the Alfa had its way, though, we're sure it would be content selling all Guilias in Quadrifoglio trim. The heart of the Quad is a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6, which itself is essentially a Ferrari 3.9-liter V8 with a couple of cylinders loped off. It makes 505 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque, and puts those numbers to good use – zero to 60 mph is done in 3.8 seconds, and it tops out at an impressive 191 mph. Like the four-cylinder cars, the Quadrifolgio uses an eight-speed automatic.

For 2019, all three Guilia trims will be available with the $1,250 Nero Edizione Package. Included equipment differs slightly depending on the particular trim it's dressing up, but the general gist of the Nero doesn't change: a darkened grille, mirror caps, headlight bezels, dark exhaust tips, and dark five-hole aluminium wheels all imbue the car with a more sporting, sinister appearance.

Even in their fervent pursuit of performance, Alfa didn't forget about safety. The $1,500 Driver Assistance Dynamic Package is available across all three trim levels, and includes features like automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, automatic high-beam assist, adaptive cruise control, and an infared windshield.

There's a full painter's palette of color selection with the Guilia, with 14 exterior and 10 interior color choices on offer.

Alfa Romeo Giulia


The cheapest Guilia gets no alpha-numeric designation – it's simply known as the Guilia and it carries a price tag of $39,490 (all prices include the $1,295 destination charge). For that kind of coin, buyers get leather upholstery, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, dual-zone climate control, six-way power seats, and a seven-inch driver information cluster.

The all-important touchscreen is a 6.5-inch affair; an 8.8-inch screen housing an improved software is available for $900 without navigation or $1,900 with it. The standard eight-speaker stereo can also be upgraded with a Harmon Kardon system that costs $900. Other notable options include $500 forward collision warning, a $1,350 dual-pane sunroof, and a $400 premium security system.

A smattering of available packages are offered for the Guilia. There's the $800 Cold Weather Package, which includes heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and heated washer nozzles; there's also the 8.8-inch 3D Navigation Radio with SiriusXM Package, which costs $1,900 and includes exactly what the name suggests and nothing more. If the aforementioned Driver Assist Dynamic Plus Package seems like too much, the $800 Driver Assist Static with Front Sensors Package bundles only auto-dimming exterior mirrors, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and front and rear park-assist sensors.

The Base Guilia is also available in a Sport sub-trim, which runs for $1,250 and includes 18-inch wheels, brake calipers featuring the Alfa Romeo script, and gloss black window surrounds.

Alfa Romeo Giulia


The volume trim of the lineup, the Ti showcases the breadth of the Guilia sedan. There's three distinct flavors of Ti: Sport, Lusso, and the standard model. Each has its own style and feel as they pursue their respective ends.

The regular Ti starts at $41,490. Standard features on the regular Ti over the base car include oak wood trim, 18-inch wheels, heated leather seats, a heated steering wheel, and the 8.8-inch touchscreen display. All the sub-trims of the Ti also come with these additional standard features.

The $44,190 Ti Sport is most in line with the Alfa persona, and, like the base Guilia Sport, it comes with the signature brake calipers and gloss black window surrounds, as well as 19-inch wheels, sport seats, aluminium column-mounted paddle shifters, and a unique front fascia and rear diffuser. If you're hankering for performance but can't scrounge up the cash for the Quadrifoglio, the Ti Sport is the next best alternative.

On the other side of things, there's the luxury-oriented Ti Lusso. It eschews the performance bend of the Sport for opulent touches that are more in line with what a traditional luxury customer might be looking for. To that end, it includes 18-inch wheels, luxury leather seats, a leather-wrapped dash and door trim with contrasting stitching, and genuine wood trim. Its ritzy trimmings make it the Cadillac of Guilias for a starting price of $43,990.

New for 2019 is the Ti Sport Carbon sub-trim, which goes for $49,190. It's similiar to the Nero package but offers carbon fiber mirror caps and skirts, carbon fiber interior trim, leather-trimmed doors and dash, 19-inch wheels, and dark headlight bezels, exhaust tips, and badging.

Available packages at the Ti level mostly mirror those of the base car. Packages exclusive to the Ti include the $1,100 Ti Leather Package, which adds an air quality system and leather-trimmed doors and dash, and the $1,650 Ti Performance Package. The latter is a must if you want to maximize the performance characteristics of the Guilia. It includes an active suspension, paddle shifters mounted on the column, and a limited-slip rear differential. It's enough goodies to noticeably change the character of the car, and makes it worth the asking price.

Alfa Romeo Giulia


It's mean, fast, loud, and utterly dismissive of the normal sandbox rules. It's the ripping 505-hp V6 Quadrifoglio, and, with a price tag of $74,995, it sits atop the Giulia lineup.

Besides the extra two cylinders, the Quad comes with a number of other standard mechanical goodies. There's shift paddles, a drive-mode selector, an adaptive suspension, a torque-vectoring rear differential, a carbon-fiber drive shaft, and performance Brembo brakes. Inside, buyers will find suede upholstery covering heated eight-way power seats, the 8.8-inch touchscreen with navigation, the Harmon Kardon audio system, and carbon fiber interior trim. Of course, there's also the heaping of extra scoops, fender arches and flairs, and carbon fiber exterior trim.

Options and packages are few. A carbon fiber steering wheel is $400, and a $1,100 Exterior Carbon Fiber Package brings about carbon fiber mirrors and grille as well as dark-shaded badging. The Driver Assist Dynamic Package and Nero Package are both available here as well; the former is now only $1,200 due to forward collision warning being standard.

CarsDirect Tip

Yes, the Quadrifoglio is the hottest and most grin-inducing of the 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia lineup. But, sometimes, it's more prudent to buy something sane and affordable. If that's the case, get the Ti Sport. With the substantial-feeling paddles, limited-slip differential, and adaptive dampers, performance is finessed just that much more over other non-Quad models. The aesthetics of the Ti Sport aren't too shabby, either. For the asking price, it's the best way to wring out a tad more performance from the Guilia while also getting a car that looks the part of a sporting Italian automobile.

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Expert Review

Expert Rating

Our expert ratings are based on seven comprehensive criteria: quality, safety, comfort, performance, fuel economy, reliability history and value.

You can interpret our ratings in the following way:

: Outstanding vehicle. Only the most exceptional vehicles achieve this rating.

: Very Good vehicle. Very good and close to being the best vehicle in its class.

: Good vehicle. Decent, but not quite the best. Often affordable, but lacking key features found in vehicles of the same class.

: Below average vehicle. Not recommended, and lacking attributes a car buyer would come to expect for the price.

: Poor vehicle. Simply does not deserve to be on the road.

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Automotive Editor

Even with much of the market's momentum shifting to high-riding crossovers and SUVs, the venerable sport sedan still plays an important role in an automaker's lineup. Just look at something like the BMW 3-Series – it's matured from just a mere automobile into an institution. With the Alfa Romeo Guilia, there's none of that kind of long-standard heritage to lean on (at least stateside). Yet, this spunky four-door has enough verve and vivacity not to need it. It's not a stretch to say that this is the most emotive and impassioned sport sedan out there at the moment; compared with the stoic Germans and reserved Japanese, this hot-blooded Italian is happily perpetuating the stereotype of the archetypal Italian automotive experience.

Best Value

Alfa breaks the Guilia into three distinct tiers: the base model, the volume Ti trim, and the flagship Quadrifoglio. We'd love to say the mighty Quad is the best value here, but fake news doesn't fly here at CarsDirect, even if it does sound like a thoroughbred six-figure exotic. We'll instead put our dreams aside and begrudgingly make a concession for price, which immediately brings us to the Ti Sport model. Compared to the other base and Ti models, it looks the business of a performance sedan. More importantly, when equipped with the must-have $1,350 Performance Package option, it'll act the business of a performance sedan. Standard on the Ti Sport are aluminium column-mounted paddle shifters, performance all-season tires, uniquely bolstered 12-way power seats, and a sport steering wheel.

Spend the extra $1,350 for the performance hardware and the Ti Sport becomes the best driver's car out of all the non-Quad models, while also capturing the fundamental spirit of what both Alfa and the Guilia are all about. Here's ours as it'd be delivered:

  • Model: 2019 Alfa Romeo Guilia Ti Sport
  • Engine: 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder
  • Output: 280 hp / 306 lb-ft
  • Transmission: Eight-speed automatic
  • Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive
  • Fuel Economy: 24 City / 33 Hwy
  • Options: Ti Sport Performance Package ($1,350, active suspension, limited slip differential rear axle), Driver Assistance Static Package ($650, auto-dimming exterior mirrors, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert), Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning Plus ($500)
  • Base Price: $44,190 (including the $1,295 destination charge)
  • Best Value Price: $46,690


Alfa Romeo Giulia

Performance is part and parcel of the Alfa Romeo experience. It's why the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder is the most powerful engine of its kind in the segment. It's also why it's easier finding an auditory clip of said engine on the Alfa website than it is finding the fuel economy estimates. Who cares about mileage when you can listen to that raspy four run up to redline?

The class-leading 280 horsepower and 306 pound-feet of torque is an ample amount of gusto for a turbo engine with only four cylinders and two liters of displacement. The Guilia translates these numbers into a 5.1 second zero-to-60 mph run and a top speed limited to 130 mph. This is an engine that's smooth and responsive across the powerband, and the eight-speed automatic transmission that it's paired with has a good knack of knowing what gear to be in at all times. As good as it is, though, it can't quite match the refinement of BMW's four that can be found in the 3-Series.

Trying to punish the Guilia on lumpy and bumpy roads leads to the refreshing realization that this isn't a car with an uncompromised sport suspension. Yes, it's firm, but engineers left enough leniency in the tuning to let it absorb all the imperfections that scar America's timeworn pavement. Base models with their small 17-inch wheels ride the best, thanks to that big sidewall; the better-looking 18-inchers are a tad more firm over the road, but such is the price paid for style.

Hands down, it's the steering that constantly reminds drivers they're piloting an Alfa. Other sport sedans feel like they've been drugged and numbed compared to the Guilia's downright antsy tiller. It's a joy on the back roads, where every pebble, dip, and divot is transmuted to the driver. It's another story on the highway, where just the tiniest input leads to a spastic dart toward another lane.

As for the Quadrifoglio, it's another beast entirely. The centerpiece of the Quad is its 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6, a mill that traces its roots directly from the House of Ferrari. With 505 hp and a sound to die for, the visceral thrill it provides alludes to what a four-door Ferrari might be like, were the Prancing Horse marque ever to build such a plebian machine. The zero-to-60 mph time is a 3.8-second affair, and top speed is 170 mph.

Interior and Exterior

Alfa Romeo didn't return to the US only to blend into the background, and the Guilia drips with an Italian style. The large triangular grille up front alludes to the history and heritage of the brand; the rear end doesn't share the same distinctiveness but is handsome and attractive. Purposeful wheel wells, sculptured flanks, and excellent proportions tie it all together.

Quadrifoglios don't go over the top to tell the world what they are, but their subtle touches are worth taking the time to appreciate. Fender flares are larger, diffusers are more pronounced, and four pipes hang out off the back. Like the BMW M5, Mercedes E 63, and other high-dollar super sedans, it doesn't yell out what it can do but instead hints to it with reserved, functional touches.

Inside, it's a driver's cockpit through and through. A fat three spoke steering wheel, nicely bolstered seats, and big windows make the cabin a comfortable place to spend time in, especially if you're the one sawing at the wheel. Back seats are a bit difficult to get into, but there's enough leg room to make shimmying through the narrow door openings worth it. Ample head room can be found both front and rear. The trunk holds only 13 cubic feet of cargo, but there's at least a low and wide trunk floor and a wide-opening trunk lid.

Notably, leather comes standard – something not exactly common in a class that loves to dole out vinyl interiors on lower-spec cars. A standard 6.5-inch touchscreen is standard, but we'd spend the money to trade up to the 8.8-inch system that's optional on base cars and standard on Ti and Quadrifoglio models. Not only does it look better in the center stack, but it's also easier and more intuitive to use. That said, neither system can match the standard set by the Uconnect infotainment system used in nearly all other cars sold by parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

The Best and Worst Things

The Guilia is a polarizing car. There'll be those who love it and those who hate it, and not too many in between. The folks who fall into the first camp will be smitten by the eager steering, powerful and responsive engines, and the generous amount of standard features.

And those who will hate it? The first things they'll point to is the steering and the car's generally frazzled demeanor. They'll also dock points for the small trunk, cumbersome infotainment system, and some of the cheap-feeling controls scattered throughout the interior.

Right For? Wrong For?

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Without a doubt, this is the only choice of sport sedan for the few and proud Alfisti eager to represent the marque. For those who aren't die-hard fans of the brand, the Guilia would be a good fit for those who want a sport sedan in its purest state. Those who are looking for something softer or more mild-mannered would be better off in something like a Mercedes-Benz C-Class or a Lexus IS.

The Bottom Line

The 2019 Alfa Romeo Guilia is a sport sedan boiled down to its essence. The elemental goodness didn't get buried behind layers of electrical dopamine or hundreds of pounds of extra weight, like what's happened with the late model BMW 3-Series. Here, instead, is a car that offers the tactile and emotional feedback that's reminiscent of what this segment used to represent. For those who have been mourning the death of unfiltered analog driving, the Guilia is an Italian tonic that goes down as sweet and smooth as a glass of Sangiovese.

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Specs & Features

Overall Crash Safety Rating
Not Available
Engine - Cylinders/Horsepower/Torque
2.0L I-4 / 280 HP / 306 ft.lbs.
Standard: 8-spd sequential shift control auto w/OD
Drive Type
Fuel Economy - City/Highway/Combined
24 / 33 / 28 Mpg
Passenger Capacity
Bumper to Bumper Warranty
48 Months / 50,000 Miles
Mechanical Specs
Engine - Cylinders/Horsepower/Torque
2.0L I-4 / 280 HP / 306 ft.lbs.
Drive Type
Fuel Economy - City/Hwy/Combined
24 / 33 / 28 Mpg
Brembo 4-wheel Disc
Front Suspension
Double Wishbone
Rear Suspension
Independent Multi-link
Spare Tire And Wheel
Fuel Tank
15.3 Gal.
Recommended Fuel Type
Premium Unleaded
Average Cost To Fill Tank
Dimensions & Capabilities
Maximum Cargo Volume
Passenger Volume
95 Cu.ft.
Exterior Length
182.5 "
Exterior Width
73.7 "
Exterior Height
56.5 "
Front Headroom
38.6 "
Rear Headroom
37.6 "
Front Legroom
42.4 "
Rear Legroom
35.1 "
Front Shoulder Room
56.1 "
Rear Shoulder Room
53.6 "
Front Hip Room
Rear Hip Room
Curb Weight
3,521 Lbs.
Wheel Base
111 "
Turning Radius
17.7 '
Exterior Features
Door Count
4 Doors
17.0 " Silver Aluminum / 18.0 " Silver Aluminum / 18.0 " Gray Aluminum / 19.0 " Black Aluminum / 19.0 " Gray Aluminum / 19.0 " Silver Aluminum
Clearcoat Monotone / Metallic Monotone
Exterior Mirrors
Dual Power Remote Heated
Grille Moldings
Black W/metal-look Surround / Black
Rear Spoiler
Stainless Steel With Chrome Tailpipe Finish / Stainless Steel With Black Tailpipe Finish
Interior Features
Passenger Capacity
Seat Trim
Front Seat Type
Heated Front Seats
Driver And Front Passenger Heated-cushion, Heated-seatback
Front Driver Seat Direction Controls
(6-way Power)
Front Passenger Seat Direction Controls
(6-way Power)
Front Armrests
(6-way Power)
Rear Armrests
Rear Seats
40-20-40 Bench
Radio & Infotainment
Am/fm, Clock, Seek-scan / Am/fm, Seek-scan / Siriusxm Am/fm/hd/satellite, Seek-scan
8 / 15 Harman/kardon / 9 Performance
Radio Steering Wheel Controls
Apple Car Play
Android Auto
Bluetooth w/ Hands-Free Connectivity
Convenience Features
Steering Wheel Type
Telescopic Tilt / Telescopic Tilt Style
Climate Control
Automatic Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
With Steering Wheel Controls
Sun Roof
Express Open/close
Rearview Mirror
Auto-dimming Day-night
One Touch Open Window
Front And Rear
Tinted Windows
Vanity Mirrors
Dual Illuminated
Remote Keyless Entry
Keyfob (all Doors)
Power Outlets
Safety Features
Overall Crash Safety Rating
Not Yet Available
Overall Front Crash Safety Rating
Not Yet Available
Overall Side Crash Safety Rating
Not Yet Available
Rollover Crash Safety Rating
Not Yet Available
Front Impact Airbags
Driver And Passenger
Driver Side Impact Airbags
Seat Mounted
Knee Airbag
Driver And Passenger
Passenger Side Impact Airbag
Seat Mounted
Rear Side Airbag
Seatbelt Pretensioners
Anti-Lock Brakes
4-wheel Anti-lock Brakes (abs)
Forward Collision Warning
Full Speed Forward Collision Warning-plus Forward Collision Mitigation
Blind Spot Sensor
Blind Spot
Lane Departure Warning
Lane Departure Warning Lane Departure
Autonomous Cruise Control
Pedestrian Detection
Front Pedestrian Detection Prevention
Driver Attention Alert
Daytime Running Lights
Auto High Beams
Auto High-beam
Adaptive Headlights
Parking Sensors
Parksense Rear / Front And Rear
Security Systems
Security System
Panic Alarm
Ignition Disable
Bumper To Bumper Months Miles
48 Months / 50,000 Miles
Major Components Months
48 Months / 50,000 Miles
Included Maintenance Months
12 Months / 10,000 Miles
Roadside Assistance Months
48 Months / Unlimited Miles
Corrosion Perforation
60 Months / Unlimited Miles
Accessories Months

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