The Audi A7 returns for 2019, and remains one of the most striking vehicles on the road. Built off of the same platform as the A6 sedan, the A7 is in the second model year of its second generation, and continues to set the bar for performance, comfort, and practicality for the luxury car market. It's the definition of a grand-tourer: a car made for traveling at high speeds over long distances while insulating the passengers from the harsh outside world.

Best Value

If we were buying an A7, we would actually have to go with the top Prestige trim level. The top trim and bottom trim are only separated by just over $8,000, and the extra luxury items are worth the money. The Prestige gets ventilated front seats with four-way lumbar control, Audi's "laser" LED headlights, a head-up display, four-zone climate control (that's a zone for each passenger), and power door closers.

Not many packages and options are available at the top trim, but there's one that caught our eye. The Driver Assistance Package is a good add, as it adds a bunch of advanced safety features. With this, your A7 will become a highway-bound equivalent of a private jet: fast, luxurious, and full of technology.

  • Model: 2019 Audi A7 Prestige
  • Engine: 3.0-liter turbocharged V6
  • Output: 340 hp / 369 lb-ft
  • Transmission: Seven-speed dual-clutch automatic
  • Drivetrain: All-wheel drive
  • MPG: The EPA has not yet released fuel economy information at time of publish
  • Options: Driver Assistance Package ($2,750, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, intersection assistant)
  • Base Price: $77,295 (including the $995 destination charge)
  • Best Value Price:$80,045


Audi A7

While the A7 may not have the raw power of its faster S7 and RS7 brothers, it doesn't lack in the speed department. The turbocharged V6, with the help of the lighting quick seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, gives the A7 the ability to hit 60 mph in 5.3 seconds, which is certainly quick. All-wheel drive helps with acceleration as well, as the power is better distributed across four wheels instead of two.

The A7 is a big car, but it also feels spry. The A7 has a new frame that's both sturdier and lighter, which combined with a sporty suspension allows it to maneuver well in tighter corners. Audi has indicated that there'll eventually be an adaptive suspension for higher models, but it doesn't appear to be available at this time. Likewise, the A7 isn't currently offered in the US with all-wheel steering or a sport differential, but we would expect to see that at some point in the future.


The A7 is easily one of the most attractive cars on the road. The A7's long, sweeping hatch (yes, it's a hatchback) is still downright graceful for this generation, but the front end has been updated to look more chiseled and aggressive. While it's understated in the typical German way, it's still a handsome car with flourishes that catch the eye. Standing out the most are likely the LED headlights and taillights, which will light up whenever the driver locks or unlocks the car. Additionally, the headlights feature an intricate design while the taillights span across the entire rear of the A7. It looks simultaneously like something out of Blade Runner and yet somehow reminiscent of gorgeous pre-war automobiles.

Many carmakers have been chasing Audi's interior design over the past several years, and for a good reason. The new A7 continues to use this upscale yet minimalistic style they've become known for, while putting a huge emphasis on technology. Two large screens control the climate control and infotainment, while on Premium Plus and Prestige trims both utilize the endlessly configurable Audi Virtual Cockpit digital gauge cluster. When you add the head-up display from the Prestige mode, the A7 feels less like a car and more like a spacecraft. There's also a suite of driver assistance features and a thermal night vision that'll detect animals and people well before your headlights will illuminate them.

While the A7 is sporty, it also remains comfortable with highly adjustable leather seats with available heating and ventilation and an advanced sound system. The rear hatch offers excellent practicality, as you can load more awkward shaped items and with the back seats down the A7 offers 49.1 cubic feet of cargo space which is on par with your average small crossover.

The Best and Worst Things

The greatest thing about the A7 is its design. It looks like nothing else on the road, and yet it doesn't go about it by shouting in your face. It's beautiful and confident, knowing it doesn't have to compensate for anything.

On the other hand, the tapered roof line can make the back seat feel a bit cramped, especially for taller customers. Additionally, at this point we also get the sense that Audi was somewhat behind the ball on the release, as there are many features like the adaptive suspension that we were expecting to be included but are missing on the 2019 model.

Right For? Wrong For?

Audi A7

The A7 would be great for successful empty-nesters who still find themselves driving quite a bit. It soaks up the miles on the highway, while remaining quiet and comfortable. At the same time, it won't feel out of place exploring back roads in the mountains.

If you want something truly fast though, you should probably look for something smaller or more expensive. The A7 has enough power to feel quick, but the S6 is powered by a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 with 450 horsepower. The upcoming S7 will likely feature the same engine, but at a higher price than the A7.

The Bottom Line

The 2019 Audi A7 is one of the most unique luxury cars out there, with good looks, solid performance, and surprising practicality. Additionally, it's loaded with technology and feels very futuristic. That being said, next year will probably include even more features at a similar price point, so it may make sense to give it a year before you run out and buy one.