The last hurrah for the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Ford will soon discontinue its mid-size Fusion sedan, including the hybrid variant. If you want a new model before it's axed, the 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid is your last chance.

In some ways, that’s a shame, as the Fusion Hybrid delivers 42 miles per gallon combined, according to the EPA. Compare that to the conventional sedan’s 27 mpg combined at its best, and the advantage is obvious.

Sufficient range and power. Besides saving you on fuel, the Fusion Hybrid's 588-mile range enables you to put some distance between your service station stops. Think about it: the Fusion Hybrid can take you from Philadelphia to Detroit on a single tank. Overall fuel savings are about 50 percent compared with the standard Fusion sedan.

The Fusion Hybrid houses a 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine and an 88-kilowatt electric motor to supplement power. The system makes 188 horsepower, and a 1.4-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack supplies energy for the motor.

Refreshed ahead of cancellation. Despite its pending demise, Ford poured some resources into the Fusion Hybrid to freshen its look. Those changes are evident with its slightly tucked in front and rear along with new wheel and color choices.

Ford also upgraded the Fusion Hybrid’s technology offerings, adding several new safety features and navigation. The new safety features are part of the Ford Co-Pilot360 suite, which include adaptive cruise control with stop and go, automatic high beams, lane keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

Three trims instead of four. For 2019, Ford consolidated the Fusion Hybrid’s trims to three as opposed to the outgoing model's four. Thus, the top-end model now costs about $3,000 less than last year’s top trim and it has more features. In a way, Ford raised this hybrid’s value proposition.

Upgrades include heated and cooled front seats, full leather seats, a 12-speaker Sony audio system, and a power moonroof.

Final thoughts. The 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid builds on the conventional model with its electrification angle. It offers a higher level of standard equipment and includes the advanced driver-assist features we’re seeing in many of today’s cars. Discounting is likely to remain robust as Ford winds down the product line.

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