Undeniably British. Few vehicles are as stylish or as good looking as the 2019 Mini Convertible. While it still maintains some of the magic from the classic model from years ago, the Mini Convertible has been updated along the way for a fresh, modern look. A new Mini badge, Union Jack patterns in the taillights, new 17-inch wheels, and a trio of exterior paint schemes are new for 2019.

Mini has always said that the Cooper looks like a Bulldog and we're inclined to agree. Low, round, and full of bulges, the Mini Convertible does indeed look like a muscular dog that's sitting. The unashamed British touches also highlight the model's rich heritage.

Good cornering abilities. The short footprint that's so unique on the outside also translates to the way the Mini Convertible handles corners. Grippy tires, direct steering, and a lightweight design really help the car shine when the road gets twisty. The car's stability control system also lets you have the right amount of fun without being too intrusive.

Great fuel economy. Fuel economy isn't where convertibles usually shine, but the Mini Convertible is one of the few vehicles that lets you enjoy good weather without requiring you to constantly fill up at gas stations. When properly equipped, the Mini Convertible is rated to get an EPA-estimated 28 miles per gallon city, 37 mpg highway, and 31 combined.

Cramped cabin. While the Mini Convertible has grown larger every year, the interior still isn't spacious. Sure, the driver and the passenger in the front and treated to a great amount of head room and leg room, but the passengers in the back are in for a rough time. Two seats may be available in the back, but they're better left for kids or as extra storage.

Cargo space isn't stellar for the Mini Convertible, either. The trunk is only rated to hold up to 7.6 cubic feet of cargo with the top up, while that figure shrinks to 5.7 cubic feet with the roof stowed away.

Mini Convertible

Final thoughts. As a second car that's all about being fun to drive and lighthearted, the 2019 Mini Convertible hits all of the right notes. It's handsome, fun to drive, and has a great list of available features. The trunk may be small, but when you're having so much fun on a Sunday cruise, does that really matter?

We would have been content with the Mini Convertible's good fuel economy, but having great performance – especially in the available John Cooper Works trim – is something that really separates the model from other convertibles on the market. The only thing we're left wanting is more cargo space. Even if it were just a tiny bit more.

The Mini Convertible doesn't have a lot of competition. If you're looking for something much sportier, there's the Mazda MX-5 Miata. The Volkswagen Beetle Convertible has bespoke styling and a cabin that's slightly more spacious.

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