Simplicity for the masses. The 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 hasn’t changed much since its debut back in 2017. It continues offering simple transportation with a low starting price of $15,875.

The Mirage G4 went through a few tiny changes for the new model year, but nothing the average buyer would notice. These updates included two new standard features, cruise control and a driver’s seat height adjuster, and revised seat stitching.

Dated appearance. A few years back, the Mitsubishi Mirage received a small update to the front end that eliminated the ripped-from-the-1990s grille-less nose. Despite this updated look, the Mirage G4 still looks like it belongs in a different era with its rounded nose and minimal hard cut lines.

The Mirage G4 also takes the already odd proportions of the Mirage hatchback and puts them in boldface with its three-box design. Plain and simple, there's just not much to love about the looks of the 2019 Mirage G4.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Plastics overshadow smattering of nice features. Inside, the same blast-from-the-past design bleeds in with its simple style and lack of excitement. There's also no shortage of hard, scratchy plastics throughout the Mitsubishi Mirage G4’s cabin. While this minimalist take may play to some buyers’ preferences, it still feels way too cheap.

Though the materials are cheap, the Mirage G4’s standard 7-inch touchscreen, rearview camera, and Bluetooth connectivity add some modern amenities. Plus, buyers can upgrade to an optional 6.5-inch infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay by moving into the SE trim, which pushes the price to $18,575.

Other than the Chevrolet Sonic, which comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, having to step into the second trim level to get advanced smart device connectivity is common in this inexpensive segment.

Wheezy powertrain with some fuel economy payoff. The Mirage G4 comes standard with a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine – hi, Geo Metro – that delivers a wimpy 78 horsepower and 74 pound-feet of torque. This low output and its choppy ride make city driving a chore and highway cruising legitimately scary. With its rivals like the Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, and Nissan Versa all delivering 106 to 130 hp and more comfortable rides, we’re left wondering what Mitsubishi was thinking when it designed this micro-sedan.

One payoff to such a weak engine is fuel economy, and the Mirage G4 does well with an EPA-estimated 35 miles per gallon city, 41 mpg highway, and 37 combined with the optional continuously variable transmission. Its closest competitor is the Nissan Versa, which gets 31/39/34 mpg (city/highway/combined).

Final thoughts. If your plan is to go as cheap as possible, the 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is the vehicle for you. Not only is its starting price super low, but its hybrid-lite fuel economy ratings save you money every mile you drive. But expect nothing more than a thrifty ride from the Mirage G4, as it has little else to offer.

Buyers who want a little more peppiness will appreciate the 130-hp Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent or even the 135-hp Fiat 500. If the Mirage G4’s 12.3 cubic feet of cargo room won't cut it, the standard Mirage hatchback swallows up to 47 cubes with its rear seats folded. Those who want even better fuel economy can get 48/43/46 mpg from the Toyota Prius c.

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