The CC is dead; long live the Arteon. The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon arrives to fill the four-door coupe gap left when VW gave the slow-selling CC the ol’ heave-ho. But did Volkswagen really need to fill that niche with a new four-door coupe?

That’s an answer best left to the bean counters at VW, but among ourselves, we can certainly make a case for the Arteon. Sure, the four-door coupe market is lukewarm at best, but this gives the brand a flagship vehicle to put atop its lineup that's stylish, roomier than expected, and delivers respectable performance. These are all great selling points to buyers looking to shell out the cash the Arteon calls for.

Sneaky good at devouring cargo. A quick look at the sloping roofline and four doors will lead any buyer to write off the Volkswagen Arteon as a sedan with a puny trunk opening and limited cargo space. Opening the rear end reveals an almost-hidden hatchback and up to 27.2 cubic feet of cargo room with the seats up, or 55 cubes with the rear seats folded.

This is on par with some crossovers and stands up to its key competitors, including the Kia Stinger and its 23.3 cubes with its seats upright. Compare it to normal sedans, and it blows leaders like the Honda Accord and its 16.7 cubes of trunk space out of the water.

No sacrifice in seating room. With a cavernous cargo area in a swoopy mid-size sedan like the VW Arteon, one may assume the automaker trimmed from rear leg room to make it all possible. That couldn’t be further from the truth, as the Arteon offers its rear occupants a whopping 40.2 inches of leg room. That surpasses the Stinger by 3.8 inches and is just 0.2 inches shy of the Accord.

Another assumption is the sloping rear roofline gobbles up all the head room in the back seats. With up to 37 inches of space in the rear, there's plenty for most rear-seat riders.

Up front, there's also tons of space with 41.2 inches of leg room. What really treats the front-seat riders, though, is the standard 8-inch infotainment screen that boasts Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We suggest enhancing the interior feel with the optional digital instrument cluster, which makes this feel like a legit luxury car.

2019 Volkswagen Arteon

Luxury bits available, but they come at a price. Mainstream automakers have tickled the luxury car space with premium features and materials, and Volkswagen is no exception. As the brand’s flagship model, it’s no shock the VW Arteon has its share of premium goodies available.

The luxurious options in the Arteon include an LCD instrument cluster, Nappa leather, adaptive cruise control, cooled seats, and a massaging driver’s seat. The problem is that these features push the Arteon into the range-topping SEL Premium trim, which costs $47,205 – deep into luxury car territory.

Final thoughts. The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon is a tough sell to most buyers, but this niche model is great for buyers already in the market for a four-door coupe.

It not only boasts a great look highlighted by a bold grille and swoopy roofline, but it also checks boxes for buyers seeking something with luxurious features, loads of seating room, and cargo room to spare. Just be prepared to open that wallet wide.

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