Excellent fuel economy. The 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the most efficient subcompact vehicles on the market. Thanks to its tiny 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine, the Mirage can get an EPA-estimated 39 miles per gallon combined.

The Mirage’s excellent fuel economy rating puts it at the top of its class, only falling behind hybrids. But the compromise comes in performance. The Mirage only has 78 horsepower, which makes the subcompact hatchback feel lethargic at best.

Passing cars on the highway is difficult and even dotting around the city is cumbersome. Don’t expect the Mirage to win any impromptu races.

Easily maneuverable and versatile. For urban drivers, the Mirage’s small stature makes it easy to drive. The vehicle measures in at just 149.4 inches in length, 65.6 inches in width, and is 59.4 inches tall. Consumers searching for something small and maneuverable will find the subcompact hatchback’s size to be easy to handle on even the narrowest of roads.

Despite the Mirage’s small size, the hatchback has a decent amount of cargo space. Behind the rear seats, the hatchback has 17.1 cubic feet of cargo space, which opens up to a total of 47 cubic feet.

2020 Mitsubishi Mirage

Low-rent interior. With a starting price of $14,990 including destination, the Mirage prioritizes being an affordable method of transportation before having a luxurious cabin.

Still, the Mirage comes with lackluster materials, hard plastics, and a bland design on the inside. The hatchback lacks decent sound deadening and is loud at highway speeds on the inside.

In addition to the dull interior design and materials, the Mirage has uncomfortable seats that lack cushioning. A limited number of adjustments also makes it hard for passengers in the front to find a good seating position. In the rear, the seats are even firmer and a small amount of rear legroom makes things even more uncomfortable.

Below-average safety scores. When it comes to safety, the Mirage leaves a lot to be desired. In testing by the IIHS, it did fine except in the small overall front crash test, which got a second-from-the-bottom "Marginal." The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the vehicle a four-star overall safety rating.

Beyond a rearview camera, which is mandated by the federal government, the Mirage doesn’t come with any other standard active safety features. That puts the Mirage behind the pack. Optional features aren’t any better, as the Mirage is only offered with front and rear parking sensors.

Final thoughts. If you’re on a tight budget and need something small to drive, the 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage is, at best, a mediocre choice. There are much better options on the market that are safer, better value options, more powerful, and more comfortable.

The main things we’re left wanting for with the Mirage are more power and safety features. If Mitsubishi were to mend those two areas, the Mirage would be a much better option.

The Honda Fit is the grandfather and the benchmark for the subcompact class. It has a much more spacious interior, more standard safety features, and is a more comfortable vehicle than the Mirage. All-new for 2020, the Nissan Versa is another great option in the class. The Versa has more comfortable seats, a larger interior, and is priced similarly to the Mirage.

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