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2021 Dodge Challenger

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$22,394 - $52,394
$22,394 $52,394
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2021 SXT 2dr Rear-Wheel Drive Coupe
most popular
Price:   -  From $29,450
2021 SXT 2dr All-Wheel Drive Coupe Price:   -  From $32,450
2021 GT 2dr Rear-Wheel Drive Coupe Price:   -  From $32,725
2021 GT 2dr All-Wheel Drive Coupe Price:   -  From $35,725
2021 R/T 2dr Rear-Wheel Drive Coupe Price:   -  From $37,000
2021 R/T Scat Pack 2dr Rear-Wheel Drive Coupe Price:   -  From $41,775
2021 SRT Hellcat 2dr Rear-Wheel Drive Coupe Price:   -  From $61,150
Expert Rating
3 (Good)

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: Below average vehicle. Not recommended, and lacking attributes a car buyer would come to expect for the price.

: Poor vehicle. Simply does not deserve to be on the road.

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What's New

The 2021 Dodge Challenger is back with only minor changes. The biggest is the addition of aggressive widebody versions of the upper trims. Otherwise, memory settings for seats and steering are now available on all trims, and there are a few new wheel and interior options.

The Challenger is one of the classic trio of American muscle cars, along with the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro. Of the three, the Challenger is now the eldest, remaining largely unchanged since 2008.

Choosing your Dodge Challenger

The Challenger comes in seven basic flavors: SXT, GT, R/T, R/T Scat Pack, SRT Hellcat, SRT Hellcat Redeye, and SRT Super Stock.

The new widebody kits are available on R/T Scat Pack, Hellcat, and Redeye models. Prices (including destination fees) start at a reasonable $29,590, but an SRT Super Stock will set you back no less than $83,190.

Engine Choices

Horsepower is one of the Challenger’s main attractions, and it delivers in spades. A six-speed manual is the default on most trims, but an eight-speed automatic is available. The automatic is the only option with the V-6, which is also the only powertrain available with all-wheel drive (for an extra $3,000).

Engine TypeHorsepowerTorqueFuel Economy (Combined)
3.6L V6303 hp268 lb-ft23 mpg (RWD), 21 mpg (AWD)
5.7L V8375 hp410 lb-ft19 mpg
6.4L V8485 hp475 lb-ft18 mpg
6.2L Supercharged V8717 hp656 lb-ft16 mpg
6.2L Supercharged V8797 hp707 lb-ft16 mpg
6.2L Supercharged V8807 hp707 lb-ft16 mpg

The trio of supercharged V-8s are limited to SRT trims, which get progressively more ludicrous as the price rises. Dodge claims that the top-spec SRT Super Stock will do a standing quarter mile in just 10.5 seconds.

Passenger and Cargo Capacity

The Challenger seats four, but the back won’t be comfortable for adults. Second-row leg room is limited to just 33.1 inches, which means it’s best suited for children and cargo.

The trunk is spacious for a sedan, with 16.2 cubic feet of capacity. That’s substantially more than either a Mustang or a Camaro.

Dodge Challenger

Safety Features

The 2021 Challenger is a mixed bag when it comes to safety. Some active safety tech is available, including blind-spot monitors and active cruise control. Still, those features are optional even on higher trims, and some common features (like automatic emergency braking) aren’t available at all. Crash test scores are generally decent, but the Challenger’s platform shows its age in some tests.


The Challenger gets a central infotainment touchscreen of either seven or 8.4 inches, depending on trim. Either one is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Navigation is optional, as are premium sound systems from Alpine or Harman Kardon.

Dodge Challenger

SXT — From $29,590

The Challenger SXT is the only model under $30,000, and it covers the basics. It comes with the seven-inch infotainment system, dual-zone automatic climate control, and keyless entry. The seats are upholstered with cloth, and tires sit on 18-inch alloy wheels. The SXT is only available with the V-6 and an automatic transmission, but it’s available in either rear- or all-wheel drive.

The SXT can become much more luxurious with a few packages. The most significant is the Plus Package ($3,195), which adds the larger infotainment system along with a host of upgrades, including heated front seats and Nappa leather upholstery.

Active safety features like blind-spot monitors and adaptive cruise control are hidden away in two separate packages, the Driver Convenience Group ($1,295) and Technology Group ($1,295). A power sunroof ($1,295) and Alpine sound system ($995) are available as standalone options.

GT — From $32,590

For a relatively modest price bump, the GT gains a few features and accents. The hood sprouts an aggressive air intake, the suspension is tightened up, and the leather-wrapped steering wheel has paddle shifters. 20-inch wheels, remote start, and parking sensors are also included. Like the SXT, the GT is only available with V-6 powertrains.

New at this trim is the Performance Handling Group ($1,595), which sharpens up the responses and adds black rims, a flat-bottom steering wheel, and beefy Brembo brakes. A Harman Kardon sound system ($1,795) is also available, but otherwise packages and options mirror the SXT.

A limited 50th Anniversary Edition brings exclusive paint, accents, and interior trim, including a carbon-fiber instrument panel and leather upholstery. It’s available on the GT, R/T, and R/T Scat Pack trims for $4,995.

R/T — From $36,490

The R/T trim is equipped almost identically to the GT, with one major difference. Under the hood is a 5.7-liter V-8, which brings with it an active exhaust system and a six-speed manual transmission. An eight-speed automatic is a $1,595 option, but the R/T and all subsequent trims are only available in rear-wheel drive.

Most of the packages from the GT trim remain in place. Aside from a couple appearance packages, the biggest addition is the Shaker Package ($2,595), which adds an induction kit on the hood that pipes cold air into the engine.

R/T Scat Pack — From $41,490

The Scat Pack suffix comes with a hefty power boost thanks to a 6.4-liter, 485-hp V-8 under the hood. To match the engine, the model gets launch control, configurable drive modes, and a more aggressive body kit. The 8.4-inch infotainment system is standard at this trim, as are Xenon headlights, heated front seats, and a heated steering wheel.

For even more performance, the Dynamics Package ($2,395) includes forged aluminum wheels with sticky tires and upgraded brakes. If drag racing is your style, the 1320 package ($3,995) adds radial drag tires, adaptive dampers, a transbrake, and a suspension that pushes the weight toward the rear. The second row gets deleted in the process.

The R/T is the first trim to allow the Widebody package, which is new for 2021. It lives up to its name with extra-wide fender flares, wider tires, a larger front splitter, and redesigned fascia. It’s available on Scat Pack and Hellcat trims for $6,000.

SRT Hellcat — From $62,190

SRT trims don’t add any luxury, focusing instead on raw horsepower. The SRT Hellcat is the most affordable of the trio, and it comes with an eye-watering 717 hp from the supercharged V-8 engine.

Complementing the engine are Brembo brakes, adaptive Bilstein dampers, and drag-specific launch features. The hood sprouts a second air intake to feed the massive powerplant.

SRT Hellcat Redeye — From $73,790

The Hellcat Redeye takes the muscle car mission even furth with 797 horsepower. Dodge claims a top speed of 203 mph, and in Widebody form, the Redeye will dispatch the 0-60 sprint in just 3.4 seconds. The Redeye is only available with an automatic transmission.

SRT Super Stock — From $83,190

The SRT Super Stock is technically a new trim for 2021, but it’s similar to last year’s limited SRT Demon. It wrings another 10 horsepower out of the powerplant for a total of 807 hp.

This model is designed for drag racing, with lightweight components, radial tires, a line-lock feature, and a drag-optimized suspension. The result is a quarter-mile time of 10.5 seconds, which will outpace many supercars.

Compare Challenger Trims Side-By-Side

CarsDirect Tip

Manuals and muscle cars are a classic combination, but the eight-speed automatic is more responsive. For our money, the R/T Scat Pack provides the best V-8 bang for the buck.

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Automotive Editor
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Expert Review

  • Timeless design
  • Big range-topping power
  • Modern infotainment tech
  • No advanced safety tech
  • Physics take over in the corners
  • Underwhelming 5.7-liter V8
Expert Rating
3 (Good)

Our expert ratings are based on seven comprehensive criteria: quality, safety, comfort, performance, fuel economy, reliability history and value.

You can interpret our ratings in the following way:

: Outstanding vehicle. Only the most exceptional vehicles achieve this rating.

: Very Good vehicle. Very good and close to being the best vehicle in its class.

: Good vehicle. Decent, but not quite the best. Often affordable, but lacking key features found in vehicles of the same class.

: Below average vehicle. Not recommended, and lacking attributes a car buyer would come to expect for the price.

: Poor vehicle. Simply does not deserve to be on the road.

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Automotive Editor

Getting finer with age: The Dodge Challenger went through its last redesign way back in 2008. Sure, it’s seen a lot of under-the-skin changes, like the supercharged 6.2-liter sliver of awesomeness powering the Hellcat models, but its bones remain the same.

Despite its age, the Dodge Challenger has aged almost like a fine wine or cheese – much like its ancestors from the 1960s. But don’t confuse the 2021 Dodge Challenger for some fancy-pants, cheeseboard-lovin’ frou-frou coupe; this is a legit muscle car itching to jump the nearest creek somewhere in Hazzard County (yes, we know that was a Charger, and this is a Challenger).

But how does this good ol’ boy stand up against its more modern competition from Ford and Chevy? Find out below.

Tons of power, but you’d better keep it in a straight line: The 2021 Dodge Challenger doesn’t leave anyone craving for power. Even its base 3.6-liter V6 is impressive at 303 horsepower, beating the base Chevy Camaro’s turbo four-cylinder by 28 hp. However, it does come up short against the Ford Mustang’s 310-hp 2.3-liter four-cylinder and the Nissan 370Z’s 332-hp 3.7-liter V6.

The Challenger R/T adds a 375-hp 5.7-liter V8, but it also lags compared to the 460-hp Mustang GT and 455-hp Camaro LT1 and SS. The Camaro LT1 also adds a value element, as it rings in at just $36,590 (destination fees included), making it about $1,500 cheaper than the Challenger R/T and $2,300 cheaper than the Mustang GT.

The real fun starts in the Challenger R/T Scat Pack, which adds a 6.2-liter V8 with 485 hp and a four-second 0-60 time. The sprint time comes up a little short of the Mustang but matches the Camaro SS and LT1.

Things get ridiculous in the Challenger SRT Hellcat, which boasts a 717-hp 6.2-liter supercharged V8 that launches it to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, beating the Mustang GT350 and Camaro ZL1. The Hellcat also has a hotter tune in the 797-hp Redeye variant, which topples the Mustang GT500.

Dodge Challenger

Finally, the king of the muscle car hill, the Challenger Super Stock, bumps the power to 807-hp and adds street-legal radial slicks and a drag-tuned suspension.

The Challenger is king in a straight line, but this 2-ton coupe has one enemy: physics. Once that bulky body heads into the corners, inertia takes over, and it’s hard to control.

The Mustang with one of its Performance Packs or any Camaro will do the trick for buyers looking for a better balance of straight-line speed and power. Buyers can also opt for the nimbler 370Z, but it rides on dated technology.

Retro styling that never gets old: Put the 2021 Challenger next to the 2011 Challenger and play a game of spot the differences. You won’t find many, and that’s OK with us. Dodge crafted a fine, timeless muscle car that has stood the test of time, and there’s no logical reason to change it anytime soon.

Sure, the Mustang and Camaro may look more modern, but in 10 years, their more modern looks will start showing their age. On the other hand, the Challenger will continue to age as well as the muscle cars of the 1960s.

Good tech, but it lacks in safety gear: Despite its retro looks, the 2021 Dodge Challenger has a modern cabin with all the latest features, including a 7-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and more. Buyers can even spend up and get an 8.4-inch touchscreen, a 900-watt audio system, and other goodies.

The Camaro also has a 7-inch standard touchscreen, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay, but its smartphone compatibility is wireless. The Challenger still requires frustrating USB cables.

The Challenger shines next to the base Ford Mustang’s standard features, including a cringe-worthy 4.2-inch non-touch infotainment screen and no smartphone integration.

In the safety tech department, though, the comparisons flip-flop. The Challenger has no available advanced safety tech. No automatic emergency braking. No lane-keeping assist. No blind-spot monitors. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

The Camaro is a step up with its optional blind-spot monitors and rear parking sensors, but it lacks available automatic emergency braking.

The Mustang sits at the top of the safety heap, as it at least offers a full range of optional safety gear, including adaptive cruise control, forward-collision warnings with automatic emergency braking, active lane control, driver attention alerts, and blind-spot monitors.

Final thoughts: The timeless 2021 Dodge Challenger is fast in a straight line, giving owners plenty of bragging rights. But not every road is straight. Buyers who want some agility in their lives may be better suited in the Mustang or Camaro.

Despite its retro looks, the 2021 Challenger is loaded with modern infotainment tech, but the Challenger comes up with a goose egg in safety tech. If you’re concerned about getting the latest safety gear, your only real option is the Mustang.

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Specs & Features

Overall Crash Safety Rating
Engine - Cylinders/Horsepower/Torque
3.6L V-6 / 303 HP / 268 ft.lbs.
Drive Type
Fuel Economy - City/Highway/Combined
19 / 30 / 24 Mpg
Passenger Capacity
Bumper to Bumper Warranty
36 Months / 36,000 Miles
Mechanical Specs
Engine - Cylinders/Horsepower/Torque
3.6L V-6 / 303 HP / 268 ft.lbs.
Drive Type
Fuel Economy - City/Hwy/Combined
19 / 30 / 24 Mpg
4-wheel Disc
Front Suspension
Short And Long Arm
Rear Suspension
Independent Multi-link
Spare Tire And Wheel
Compact Steel
Fuel Tank
18.5 Gal.
Recommended Fuel Type
Regular Unleaded
Average Cost To Fill Tank
Dimensions & Capabilities
Maximum Cargo Volume
Passenger Volume
94 Cu.ft.
Exterior Length
197.9 "
Exterior Width
75.7 "
Exterior Height
57.7 "
Front Headroom
39.3 "
Rear Headroom
37.1 "
Front Legroom
42.0 "
Rear Legroom
33.1 "
Front Shoulder Room
58.5 "
Rear Shoulder Room
53.9 "
Front Hip Room
Rear Hip Room
Curb Weight
3,858 Lbs.
Wheel Base
116 "
Turning Radius
18.7 '
Exterior Features
Door Count
2 Doors
18.0 " Silver Aluminum / 20.0 " Silver Aluminum / 20.0 " Black Aluminum
Clearcoat Monotone / Clearcoat Monotone With Stripe
Exterior Mirrors
Dual Power Remote Heated
Grille Moldings
Black W/chrome Accents / Black
Rear Spoiler
Dual Stainless Steel With Chrome Tailpipe Finish
Interior Features
Passenger Capacity
Seat Trim
Cloth / Nappa Leather
Front Seat Type
Heated Front Seats
Driver And Front Passenger Heated-cushion, Heated-seatback
Front Driver Seat Direction Controls
8-way (6-way Power)
Front Passenger Seat Direction Controls
Front Armrests
8-way (6-way Power)
Rear Armrests
Rear Seats
60-40 Bench
Radio & Infotainment
Am/fm, Clock, Seek-scan / Siriusxm Am/fm/satellite, Seek-scan / Siriusxm Am/fm/hd/satellite, Seek-scan / Am/fm, Seek-scan
6 / 10 Alpine / 6 Alpine
Radio Steering Wheel Controls
Apple Car Play
Android Auto
Bluetooth w/ Hands-Free Connectivity
Convenience Features
Steering Wheel Type
Telescopic Tilt / Telescopic Tilt Style / Power Telescopic Tilt
Climate Control
Automatic Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
With Steering Wheel Controls
Sun Roof
Express Open/close
Rearview Mirror
Auto-dimming Day-night
One Touch Open Window
Driver And Passenger
Tinted Windows
Vanity Mirrors
Dual Illuminated
Remote Keyless Entry
Keyfob (all Doors)
Power Outlets
Safety Features
Overall Crash Safety Rating
Overall Front Crash Safety Rating
Overall Side Crash Safety Rating
Rollover Crash Safety Rating
Front Impact Airbags
Driver And Passenger
Driver Side Impact Airbags
Seat Mounted
Knee Airbag
Passenger Side Impact Airbag
Seat Mounted
Rear Side Airbag
Seatbelt Pretensioners
Anti-Lock Brakes
4-wheel Anti-lock Brakes (abs)
Forward Collision Warning
Blind Spot Sensor
Blind Spot Detection Blind Spot
Lane Departure Warning
Autonomous Cruise Control
Pedestrian Detection
Driver Attention Alert
Daytime Running Lights
Auto High Beams
Auto High-beam
Adaptive Headlights
Parking Sensors
Parksense Rear
Security Systems
Security System
Panic Alarm
Ignition Disable
Sentry Key
Bumper To Bumper Months Miles
36 Months / 36,000 Miles
Major Components Months
60 Months / 60,000 Miles
Included Maintenance Months
Roadside Assistance Months
60 Months / 60,000 Miles
Corrosion Perforation
60 Months / Unlimited Miles
Accessories Months

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