2023 BMW i7: Model Preview & Release Date

Sarah Willis
Contributing Writer - December 13, 2021

Model Preview

BMW is making history with the testing of a prototype of the all-new i7, the brand's first completely electric luxury sedan. The automaker has come out with camouflaged pictures of the prototype being test-driven for endurance and suspension systems at BMW Group’s winter test center in Sweden. According to BMW, we are getting a car that combines the luxurious driving experience BMW is known for with a zero local emissions guarantee that is helping the automaker transition into electric mobility.

The i7 EV is based on the same concept that future model variants of the 7-Series are based on. In the photos, the car is camouflaged but we can still make out some details. The hood seems to feature stylistically raised lines that can be found on all of the automaker’s sedans, but perhaps most similar to the 3-Series or 8-Series. The headlights appear to be more rectangular and smaller in shape, but that could just be the camouflage concealing their real form. What also could be just the camouflage, and what may surprise some BMW followers, is how the grille appears rather small compared to how the automaker usually designs them. All four corners of the car are somewhat squared off, giving a slightly aggressive and confident look.

We don’t have any pictures of or information on what’s on the inside of the car, but we can imagine that with the title of “world’s first electric luxury sedan” the inside would be filled with comfortable upholstery and up-to-date technology. We may see a large touchscreen, digital gauge cluster, and perhaps a decent amount of storage compartments.

As mentioned above, BMW developed this vehicle to guarantee locally emission-free driving that captures the BMW experience of a spacious car with a sporty look and comfortable handling features. Along that line, the suspension, stability, steering, braking, and driving systems have been designed to raise the balance between the sportiness of the car and the level of ride comfort. This includes performance-oriented tuning of the springs, dampers, and wheel suspension as well as multiple regulating systems to match the different drive types. Driving the prototype in the winter test center allowed all the systems to undergo an extreme test to see how they would fair in more temperamental climates.

Underneath the hood is a bit of a mystery still. The WLTP test, a European testing standard that differs from the EPA, shows i7 power consumption as 22.5-19.5 kilowatts per 100 kilometers. Carscoops has made a comparison for this against the Mercedes-Benz EQS and found that the EQS has the lower energy consumption between the two. We aren’t sure what that will equate to in EPA ratings, however, as BMW has yet to release info on horsepower or what kind of motor or battery to expect.

What has been confirmed by BMW is that the battery is going to be high-voltage and that it, as well as the power electronics, charging technology, and electric drive, are all based on the BMW eDrive’s fifth generation of technology. This can already be found in the iX, so one may assume that the i7 will have a similar driving experience.

Pricing & Release Date

We don’t know for sure what model year the BMW i7 will be for, so we can’t say when it will be coming out. BMW has confirmed however that this upcoming year is when the vehicle will be presented.

There is no price range given for the i7 at the moment, but this is BMW and an electric car, both would normally have a higher price point individually. Considering the automaker’s current sedan lineup goes from $36,145 all the way up to $131,745, it’d be reasonable to expect a high price tag.

Since this will be the first luxury, all-electric sedan, it doesn’t have any true competition, but some vehicles that may come closest could be the Tesla Model S, Lexus ES, Audi A8, and Volvo S90 Recharge.

Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

Pictured: BMW i7 Teaser Images

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