Sierra 1500 EV

2023 GMC Sierra 1500 EV: Model Preview & Release Date

Sarah Willis
Contributing Writer - December 22, 2021

Model Preview

GMC has been turning heads recently as it announced that a brand-new truck was joining the lineup, the Sierra 1500 EV. The automaker has been creating purpose-built trucks since 1902, and this all-electric pickup, available only in the popular Denali trim, is the company’s third EV after the pickup and SUV versions of the Hummer EV. The reveal that this vehicle was in the works was short but gave some valuable insight.

Even though all that is truly visible in the promotional video released by GMC is the illuminated front bumper of the Sierra EV, there are still some aspects of the design that we notice. The hood has an indented thin strip in the middle with two raised sections on either side which slope into another indented portion on the outer corners of the hood. This gives the front of the truck an aggressive and bold look that is similar to the regular Sierra 1500, but distinct in itself. The front turn signals are made up of three bars that blink in a row, one at a time. We can faintly make out the wide side view mirrors on the side of the car as well.

Of course, who can forget the face of the car? The hook-shaped headlights are big and bright, most likely LED, and in the center of what would normally be a grille is the GMC insignia. This plate on the front of the car and the insignia are both outlined in lights, giving the car a futuristic, menacing glow from the shadows. The start-up lighting sequence appears to have the glow around the grille plate brighten first before having each letter of the GMC logo light up one by one, and finally having the headlights come on from the bottom up.

We don’t know what the cabin will look like, but given that this EV truck is only going to be offered in the Denali trim, it’s reasonable for consumers to expect a certain level of quality. Many EVs that are coming out have a great amount of updated technology, and our guess is that this pickup is going to be no different.

With GMC’s claims that the Denali trim represents the pinnacle of the brand’s premium designs and performance, it’s hard not to have high expectations. GMC’s Vice President, Duncan Aldred, has stated that the company sees this as an opportunity to evolve the current Sierra, expanding the comfort and capabilities that many have come to associate with a Denali.

As the third completely electric vehicle for GMC, the Sierra EV is set to be built on the Ultium platform just like the Hummer EV and Chevrolet’s upcoming Silverado EV. We don’t have the official specs on what kind of battery or motor will be under the hood, however, so we’ll have to wait and see what kind of range and power the Sierra EV has.

Pricing & Release Date

GMC has said that the unveiling of this new truck will take place next year, though it didn’t say exactly when. Because of this, we’re left to assume that this EV is going to be a 2023 model. What we do know is that this pickup is scheduled to be built at GM’s Factory ZERO plant in Detroit.

There’s been no mention of what the Sierra EV price range would be, but given that the regular, gas-engined Denali trim model starts around $50,000, we can assume that the EV will have a higher price tag.

Electric pickups are still a fairly new segment in the industry, but some possible rivals for the Sierra EV could include the likes of the Ford F-150 Lightning, Chevy Silverado EV, and Tesla Cybertruck.

Be sure to check back for updates as more details are released.

Pictured: GMC Sierra 1500 EV Teaser

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