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2024 Acura NSX Preview Redesign Info & Release Date

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What To Expect

Production of the Acura NSX ended in 2022, but Acura has hinted that there're more in store for their iconic supercar. Acura hasn't made an official release yet and there's still more questions than answers, but here's what we know so far about the redesigned 2024 Acura NSX.

There's little doubt surrounding the original NSX's legendary status as one of the great supercars from the 90s, with its stellar driving dynamics, distinctive shape and relative reliability and comfort compared to its competition. The second-generation model introduced electrification to the NSX lineage with a 602 hp twin-turbocharged hybrid powertrain. We thought that the second-gen model would be the final chapter in the NSX's innovative legacy, but Acura has implied that won't be the case.

Acura brand officer Jon Ikeda didn't mince words in an interview with The Drive when he stated "The first-gen [NSX] was gas. Second-gen was a hybrid. There's gonna be another one." He didn't divulge any more details, but it sure sounds like there's another NSX in the pipeline, and based on that trajectory, it's logical that it'll be electric.

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While this hasn't been explicitly confirmed, Acura did tease a very NSX-like EV concept. The Electric Vision concept is undoubtedly a performance model with its low-slung profile, flared wheel arches, and flashy neon accents. It's still unclear how much an NSX EV will share with the Electric Vision, but we have an idea about its underpinnings. Ikeda again told The Drive that Acura's performance EVs will ride on Honda's upcoming e:Architecture platform, as opposed to the GM-sourced Ultium platform that's currently being utilized by the ZDX crossover.

2024 Acura NSX Price & Release Date

Unfortunately, no production plans or release dates for the next-gen NSX have been divulged. We're currently referring to it as a 2024 model, but it's worth noting that the previous generation NSX was delayed for years following the decision to shift towards a hybrid powertrain.

Naturally, we don't have a starting price for the 2024 NSX. 2022 NSX pricing started at $171,495, but we'd expect an EV version to eclipse the $200,000 plateau.

Source: The Drive

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We'll email you as soon as the 2024 Acura NSX becomes available.