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2024 Ford F-200 Preview Model Info & Release Date

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Model Preview

Ford recently filed a trademark for the F-200, meaning that it appears a new truck model is in the pipeline. Unfortunately, all other information we have at this juncture is speculatory, but any addition to America's highest-selling truck line will be a noteworthy one. Here's what we know about the 2024 Ford F-200 so far.

According to Ford Authority, Ford filed to trademark "F-200" last week, implying an addition to the legendary F-Series truck line. Ford has sold trucks bearing the F-200 name in Mexico in the past, but this would be the first time we'd see it stateside.

Unfortunately, Ford hasn't made any official announcements about their new pickup truck, leaving a wide array of potential ways the F-200 might turn out. Ford Authority speculates the most likely outcome for the F-200 would be essentially a beefed-up version of the F-150, akin to the Nissan Titan XD or Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD.

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It might seem puzzling for Ford to offer a truck between the F-150 and larger Super Duty trucks, but there are buyers who need more capability than the F-150 offers, but don't want the size or expense of an F-250. Another possibility would be the F-200 serving as a chassis-cab variant of the F-150, similar to the F-600 Super Duty and Ford's medium-duty trucks of yesteryear.

2023 Ford F-150

The F-150 is due for a major redesign in the next couple of years, and there's a chance that the F-200 name will be used to denote a hybrid model. We're not too sure about this though, as the current F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid is just an engine option with no special nomenclature.

If Ford takes this route, it would likely be to increase awareness of the hybrid by differentiating the name. There's also a chance that the F-200 will be an EV, either as an electrified version of an existing model or an all-new truck, but we would expect a new electric Ford pickup to be branded as a "Lightning".

We still have more questions than answers about the F-200 thus far, but this is an intriguing development and we'll update this page as we gather more info. The Blue Oval recently filed a trademark for "F-150 Lobo" as well, which may end up being a street-oriented performance variant like the first two F-150 Lightning generations. We might gain more insights on these upcoming Ford trucks at this year's Detroit Auto Show.

Pictured: 2023 Ford F-150

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