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2024 Lexus EV Sedan Preview Model Info & Release Date

2024 Lexus EV Sedan

What To Expect

Lexus unveiled a concept for a new EV luxury sedan late last year. Although the electric car has not yet officially been confirmed for production, it does present an exciting prospect for future Lexus shoppers to potentially look forward to.

The only EV that Lexus sells in the United States is the RZ crossover, so an electric sedan could signal a major milestone. Parent company Toyota recently outlined its EV strategy to sell 30 new EVs globally, including trucks, cars, and SUVs.

Lexus EV sedan range estimates and horsepower ratings have not yet been revealed. However, we do know that Toyota is planning to prioritize affordability over range. Will that make the Lexus EV sedan cheap? That remains to be seen.

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What's also unclear is whether the new Lexus model will be an EV or a plug-in hybrid (PHEV). For now, Lexus is calling the concept its "electrified sedan." If the car takes the plug-in route, it could give drivers the flexibility of fueling up on gas. We're tentatively expecting the new sedan arrival to be fully electric though, as there are already a litany of hybrid and PHEV options in the Lexus lineup.

In terms of styling, the electrified sedan has a raked roofline, an aggressive scowl, and flush-mounted door handles. While the model may draw comparisons to EVs like the Tesla Model 3, the car does have a decidedly "Lexus" appearance.

2024 Lexus EV Sedan Price & Release Date

In terms of pricing, we estimate a car such as this could start at less than $50,000, but plug-in rebates may cut that significantly.

Stay tuned for release date information when it becomes available.

Pictured: Lexus BEV Sedan concept

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We'll email you as soon as the 2024 Lexus EV Sedan becomes available.