2024 Polestar 5: Model Preview & Release Date

Sarah Willis
Contributing Writer - December 2, 2021

Model Preview

Previously, the automaker Polestar came out with a concept for a vehicle called the Precept. Now, Polestar has announced that the Precept is going to be released as the Polestar 5, its all-new electric sedan. This was confirmed in a video the automaker released on the Precept’s design concept.

The video focused on the exterior of the car, which shows four doors and a fastback roofline tied together with a sleekness that is interrupted by aggressively raised lines on either side of the hood and reappear on the back of the car to give a point to both corners. The design in the video is said to be decently close to the production version of the vehicle, and, in a teaser image of the Polestar 5, we see that the outline of the car appears to have a fastback roofline, just as the concept shows. Some details appear to be changed in the image, however, including traditional doors instead of the coach doors that the Precept featured.

Polestar has also mentioned a new interface that is said to be more than what the Polestar 2 EV currently offers customers.

Pricing & Release Date

The Polestar 5 is set to be unveiled to North America in early December at an analyst and investor event in New York before going on a tour of Polestar Space showrooms. At the moment, the 5 is scheduled to be launched in 2024. Wanting to keep to their carbon-footprint goals, Polestar is likely to have the production of the 5 be with natural and sustainable materials.

We haven’t heard news about what the price range will look like, but with the unveiling approaching, we may find out very soon.

As we are pretty sure this will be a 2024 model, it’s hard to give exact rivals for this EV, but the 5 is likely to compete for attention against vehicles like the Tesla Model X and the expected electrified Genesis G80.

Check back soon for more details as they are expected to come out soon.

Pictured: 2024 Polestar 5 Concept

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