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2024 Tesla Roadster Preview Price, Specs, Release Date

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Model Preview

A model several years in the making — most recently due to semiconductor chip shortages — the Tesla Roadster, has finally made its return to the big stage as a prototype. The official model is expected to begin production in 2024 and will carry many cues from the previous Roadster, albeit modernized and with a practically unbelievable amount of speed.

The 2024 Tesla Roadster will be almost instantly recognizable, as it’ll boast the same low-slung look with the pointed nose, exaggerated fenders, and swooping roofline as the previous Lotus-based Roadster, which went out of production following the 2011 model year.

The key differences in appearance are all about the flow of the body. While the previous Roadster’s lines were harder cut, the 2024 Roadster’s lines are more rounded and modern. Also, a new removable glass roof adds the feeling of driving topless, even with the roof on.

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Though it’s still just in the prototype phase, Tesla gave us a glimpse of what to expect inside the Roadster. It’ll boast seating for four — yes, you have a leg to stand on when getting the approval from your significant other — aggressively bolstered front seats, and Tesla’s notoriously huge touchscreen system. There’s also a pass-through behind the screen, which keeps pace with the rest of the Roadster’s whimsical design.

Tesla Roadster

While the 2024 Tesla Roadster looks nothing short of incredible in its prototype duds, the powertrain is out of this world. While its electric motor’s official output isn’t public knowledge yet, Tesla did reveal the Roadster’s torque will sit at around 7,375 pound-feet, which is utterly ridiculous and possibly creatively overstated.

It also revealed the Roadster, which will come standard with all-wheel drive, will be the quickest production car ever with its 1.9-second sprint to 60 mph. The lightning-fast Roadster continues with a 4.2-second sprint to 100 mph and an 8.8-second quarter-mile time. Top speed will ring in at more than 250 mph.

Now, a car with this much potential cannot have a great EV range, right? Think again, as the 2023 Roadster will have a Tesla-estimated 620-mile EV range, likely from the 200-kWh battery pack.

Safety remains unknown for now, but it should have all the latest gadgets and gizmos from Tesla, like Auto Pilot.

Pricing & Release Date

As cited by Motor Authority, CEO Elon Musk claims that the long-awaited supercar will "hopefully" begin production in 2024. Tesla isn't exactly known for meeting deadlines, so you should probably take that claim with a grain of salt. It does seem that the Roadster is closer than ever to becoming a reality though. Stay tuned for updates.

The Roadster Founders Series, which will be the first group release and will be limited to 1,000 pre-orders, will run $250,000. That’s about double the previous Roadster’s price. The base Roadster will run $200,000. You can reserve your base Roadster now for $50,000.

There really is no competition for the Roadster, but some buyers may also consider the Lamborghini Huracan, the Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, or maybe the Ferrari 488 Spider.

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Tesla Roadster
Tesla Roadster
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