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2025 Chrysler Airflow Preview Price, Photos, Release Date

2025 Chrysler Airflow

Model Preview

The Chrysler Airflow is a new concept vehicle for a fully-electric crossover SUV. The Airflow Concept officially debuted at the 2022 Consumer Electrics Show (CES) in January to help Chrysler's plan to go all-electric by 2028. On April 13th at the 2022 New York International Auto Show, Chrysler debuted a second version of the Airflow: the Airflow Graphite.

Chrysler aims to have this electric SUV embody the brand’s new contemporary, sophisticated, and tech-forward design. The Airflow was made to be streamlined and aerodynamic in a way that looks elegant while increasing the EV’s range. This is achieved in part by the lower rear fascia and smooth underbody. The cross-car grille features the Chrysler wing logo with a light blade, crystal LED illumination. The singular taillight that spans the entire back of the car is also a crystal LED. The vehicle concept has both welcome and departure lighting animations, as well as particular aqua-colored lighting for when the SUV is charging.

To help give it an athletic and confident look, the SUV has a long wheelbase, a wide track, and large 22-inch tires. On the Graphite version of the car, the wheelbase, track, tires, and top of the panoramic roof are all given Cyprus Copper accents to make them stand out against the Galaxy Black exterior paint of the car. The Graphite version was made specifically to be a stark contrast to the Arctic White Airflow that was first introduced back in January.

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The design aesthetic continues inside of the vehicle as well, giving the spacious interior a sleek, modern, and lounge-like appearance meant to be a comfortable place that exists between work and home. The silent cabin contains premium finishes and grounding metals that are created using sustainable materials and made in calming colors to enhance the feeling of contemporary comfort. The seats are leather-wrapped with vegetable-tanned leather and made from recycled materials just like the floor mats, fabric, and carpeting of the car to create a sustainable design for the future. The seats also have slim, pedestal bases to add to the amount of legroom, shoulder space, and potential personal storage. If you go with the Graphite version of the car, the combination of Galaxy Black, Cyprus Copper, and Ice Grey are all featured in the interior to give a warm and rich feeling.

Chrysler Airflow

Crystalized textures have been added throughout the cabin to give a sense of a transition from the outside of the car and to help balance the look of technology with a calmer environment. One example of this is how the leather seats have integrated cameras for group video conferencing. Another example is that the infotainment screens are seamlessly integrated into the dash by having the appearance of dark glass sculptures while the central control area blends individualized climate controls next to C-shaped air vents. The screens throughout the cabin use a menu-based format and can be personalized to the individual, with the information on one screen being able to be shared with all passengers. These displays are able to connect to apps, downloads, and entertainment and are updated via over-the-air to keep the Airflow current and quickly give new features as they come out.

All of this technology is made possible by what Stellantis describes as the backbone of the interior of the Airflow Concept, and that is the STLA Brain. The STLA is a new electrical/electronic software architecture that is flexible and allows developers to update services quickly. It has several features added to it, the STLA Smart Cockpit and the STLA AutoDrive. The STLA SmartCockpit makes life a little easier by giving AI-based features such as voice assistance, navigation, and even payment options, while the STLA AutoDrive enables Level 3 semi-autonomous driving systems that can also be upgraded via over-the-air.

FCA (now Stellantis) has equipped the Airflow concept with all-wheel-drive and two 150 kW electric motors, with one placed in the front and the other located in the back. Having the motors in these spots is meant to increase interior space and enable a wide stance and larger wheel size. More importantly, though, the placement of the motors could mean a future possibility of larger motors and maybe even a performance model. There’s a fast-charging functionality for the vehicle and the estimated range is up to 400 miles on a single charge, making the Airflow the longest-range EV Stellantis currently has.

Pricing & Release Date

Even though the second version of the Airflow was just unveiled, an official release date has still not yet been given. While we do not yet have a release date for the Airflow, Stellantis expects to release its first new BEV (battery electric vehicle) by 2025. For now, plug-in models sold by the Stellantis family of car brands are limited to PHEVs like the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe, and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4xe.

Chrysler Airflow pricing has not yet been announced. For now, we estimate an MSRP in the range of $50,000 to $55,000 before applicable plug-in rebates. Barring any surprises, the Airflow may qualify for a full $7,500 federal EV tax credit as well as state incentives if approved for production.

Determining what other vehicles could be considered rivals for the Airflow is a little tricky given that we only just received the official specs, but some contenders could include the Volvo XC40 Recharge, Audi e-tron, Tesla Model Y, and upcoming Hyundai IONIQ 7.

Pictured: 2025 Chrysler Airflow Concept

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