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2025 MINI Aceman Preview Specs, Price, Release Date

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What To Expect

In just a short time MINI will unveil the production version of its new all-electric MINI Aceman. The four-door vehicle will slot between the MINI Cooper and the MINI Countryman. At the time of this writing the MINI Aceman has completed its extreme temperature testing, and is on its way to production.

As far as styling goes we expect this to be nothing less in appearance than a classic MINI, and it should evolve the same feeling of fun and function that MINI is known for. According to their latest press release, the 2025 MINI Aceman has agile driving dynamics and brand-typical proportions. The crossover model combines the features of the two most successful MINI models, the MINI Cooper and the MINI Countryman, to create a new vehicle concept.

“The all-electric MINI Aceman opens new opportunities for customers who want a smaller crossover than our successful MINI Countryman. The consistent electrification of our product portfolio makes a clear statement about the future of the MINI brand,” says Stefanie Wurst, head of MINI.

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MINI Aceman

2025 MINI Aceman Engine & Specs

We're not sure what type of technology will power the new MINI EV, but we know it will be fully electric and house a battery that is 54.2 kWh. The MINI Cooper SE Hardtop, which is also electric, rides on a lithium-ion battery platform with a single electric motor making 181 hp and 199 lb-ft of torque, we may see something similar in the 2025 Aceman.

As far as specs go we know that the 2025 MINI Aceman is 160.4 inches long, 69.1 inches wide, and 58.9 inches tall. This builds on MINI's aesthetic of giving passengers the most room possible, with the smallest footprint.

2025 MINI Aceman Safety

Being the first all-new EV for MINI, we hope to see the Aceman with an array of updated technology and safety features. MINI's typically come standard with automatic emergency braking, lane departure warnings, and rear parking sensors. We hope to see some updated safety features in the new 2025 Aceman.

2025 MINI Aceman Price

There has been no word on the price yet for the new 2025 MINI Aceman, but we expect it to sit just north of the price for a MINI Cooper SE Hardtop since it's an all-electric vehicle, and the price could slot between the Cooper SE and the Countryman SE, which are electric and PHEV, respectively.

The 2024 MINI Cooper SE starts at $31,895, while the MINI Countryman SE ALL4's starting MSRP is $43,695. Prices listed include destination fees of $995.

2025 MINI Aceman Release Date

We expect to see the new 2025 MINI Aceman arrive this summer. We don't have any word on an official release date, but we will update this page as new developments occur.

The MINI Aceman will compete against other compact EVs such as the Fiat 500e, the MINI Cooper SE, the Tesla Model 3, and the Kia Niro EV.

Pictured: 2025 MINI Aceman

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