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2028 Ford Mustang Model Info & Release Date

2028 Ford Mustang

Model Preview

Ford is turning heads with reports that it is ending regular gas-model Mustangs and coming out with a Mustang EV. Back in 2017, Ford announced the expected addition of a hybrid to the Mustang’s lineup. That didn’t happen at the time, but now it is being said that the 2024 Mustang will be the last ICE (internal combustion engine) model and that the classic sports car will join the ranks of electric vehicles with a 2028 model year.

Not much is known about the Mustang EV, but rumors indicate that the vehicle will be built on the same platform as the Mustang Mach-E. Ford’s CEO is reported to have said that the automaker currently has no plans to make its own dedicated EV platform like rival General Motors. Using the Mach-E platform could help enhance both performance and range, and to compound that, we may see a sleek body shape that is lower to the ground to improve aerodynamics.

While it is said that this next generation of Mustang will be the last to have an internal-combustion engine, we’re not fully certain exactly what powertrain will be replacing it. Ford hasn’t dropped any hints on what will be under the hood of the Mustang EV. Since it is being built on the Mach-E’s platform, it could have the same battery options.

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The Mach-E comes with a 70 kWh battery and an extended 91 kWh battery. As the 91 kWh battery is the performance model, it is more likely that the Mustang would have something similar to this over the regular 70 kWh option. With the extended 91 kWh battery, the current Mach-E makes up to 480 horsepower, 634 pound-feet of torque, and has up to a 314-mile range.

Pricing & Release Date

While the redesigned 2024 Mustang is supposed to debut next month and begin production in the first half of next year, the Mustang EV is reportedly not due to come out until 2028. The current ICE Mustangs are being built at the Ford plant in Flat Rock, Michigan. Whether or not this plant will also serve as the production facility of the EV is unknown at this time.

We don’t have any information on the Ford Mustang EV pricing at the moment. The current Mustang’s MSRP starts at $30,440, but with inflation and the fact that EVs are almost always more expensive, it’s safe to assume that the EV will come with a heftier price tag. We may be looking at a vehicle that starts in the range of $40,000.

Since the Ford Mustang EV won’t come out for several years, it’s hard to say what rivals it will face as more electric sports cars are very likely to come out. In the meantime, electric sports cars are a smaller segment in the industry and some examples are the Porsche Macan, Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model S, and Audi e-tron GT.

Stay tuned for more details as production gets underway and more information comes out.

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