The Best Selling Full Body Kits for Exterior Styling

April 10, 2012

A look at the top 4 full body kits on the market, and how they improve your car's aesthetics and aerodynamics.

Custom Car Body Detail

Full body kits are some of the least expensive ways you can alter the look and aerodynamics of a vehicle. There are normally four different parts to the kit, including two side skirts, rear bumper and front bumper. These different parts can be made of different materials, with the most common being fiberglass, polyurethane and carbon fiber. It is possible to mix and match different looks from the complete body kits to create a truly original and cool looking car. Body kits are available for more than 2,000 applications. These kits are designed for specific vehicles, so make sure the kit matches the make and model of your car, otherwise there will be fit issues.

  • RK Sport Urethane Ground Effects Kit. RK Sport is dedicated to providing kits that are distinctive and also fit perfectly. They use high quality material so the body kits are durable and long lasting. A full body ground effects kit is designed to help the car hug closer to the ground when driving at high speeds. This is how racing cars are designed and this kit has parts that help achieve the proper aerodynamics and grip for high speed driving. Normal vehicles tend to lift up when they go very fast, which is dangerous.
  • Lorinser Smart Car Wide Body Kit. This is a high end body kit from the maker that produces body parts for Mercedes. A wide body kit provides the vehicle with a wider stance. It comes with chrome wheels, fender flares and lip spoilers. This kit is complete and contains everything that is needed. This produces a flashy car that is aerodynamically superior to others in its class. It not only has better handling but will also improve your gas mileage.
  • Carbon Creations Buddy Body Kit. Carbon Creations is known for producing lightweight, high quality body kits. These kits come with show finish and will fit the intended vehicle very well. With this body kit installed, your vehicle will certainly turn heads. These kits are exclusive and the styles are not made by any other manufacturer. The parts are all made with Grade A carbon fiber and are hand laid. A UV coating is applied to protect the parts and to ensure that they are long lasting. The creators are so proud of the products that each comes with an authenticity badge.
  • B Magic Reinforced Polymer Body Kit. B Magic body kits take your ordinary car and transform it into nothing less than a work of art. The parts are made of fiber reinforced polymer. This is a semi-flexible, ultra light but strong material. Each of the parts has a core mat on the underside for additional support. The parts are made to precisely fit your vehicle and the bumpers come pre-drilled, which makes for easy installation. The body kits are buffed to a beautiful finish and have a gel clear coat. These are truly unique body kits for a standout vehicle. If you do not need all of the parts, then B Magic does sell them individually.

The Aerodynamic Performance of Full Body Kits

Many people buy full body kits because they look cool, they are designed to perform a specific function: aid in high speed handling.

Full Ground Effects Kits

A full ground effects or handling enhancing body kit contains three or four pieces. The first piece is called the air dam and is installed under and slightly behind the front bumper. The next piece might actually be two pieces, depending on the desired result. These pieces are called the side skirts, or rocker panel extensions. Together, air dams and rocker extensions help channel the air under the car. This creates a vacuum effect, which assists the vehicle in "sticking" through the corners. In some kits is a rear air dam. This piece isn't always present but assists the air dam and side skirts in channeling air flow under the car.

The last piece normally found in full body kits is a wing or spoiler. The spoiler uses aerodynamics to cause what is known as down force. The angle of the spoiler against the wind causes the air flowing over the car to push down on the whole car, enhancing the stability in both straight line travel and through the corners.

How They Work

You've stuck our hand out the car window while driving down the road. When you slightly nose your fingertips downward, the air pushes your whole hand and arm downward. This is the same with a spoiler. A properly installed ground effects undercar kit speed the air up as it flows under the car and channel it to a specific location for exit. The air speeding under the front of the car pulls the front down. The air dam and the rear spoiler combined push and pull the car onto the road more securely, thereby enhancing the vehicle's handling characteristics.

It must be noted that an improperly matched or installed full body kit can actually detract from the handling characteristics. Make sure that your retailer is aware of any aftermarket body parts, tires or wheels you have already installed on your car.