Buying and Installing Wood Grain Steering Wheels

October 31, 2012

While it is true that wood grain steering wheels will add an instant boost of appeal to your car's interior, the installation procedure could be a cumbersome affair, especially on most cars with built in radio and cruise controls on the steering wheel. The utilization of wood is a popular option on most modern cars and adds a luxurious feel to the interior when combined with other plastic and metal accents.

Car enthusiasts consider the option of replacing the stock steering wheel as older model cars, particularly muscle cars are offered with relatively thin steering wheels that affect tactile feel in aggressive driving. Thicker rimmed steering wheels are now considered the norm even on large luxury cars, as this offers a stronger sense of control when at the helm of the automobile. It is good to know that an aftermarket steering wheel will have a thicker rim than most stock units, and are considered a worthy modification that further adds aesthetic appeal to your interior.

Where to Buy

A good place to start the search for an appropriate wood grain steering wheel for your car is on the Internet, as the variety of sizes and designs will ensure a steering wheel that is right for your personal preference. Retail stores are also a good resource for quality aftermarket steering wheels, but a quick glance online will give you an idea on the best price to pay for a particular brand.

Most brands will command a higher asking price than the norm, but this ensures the use of high quality wood, leather and metal materials utilized in the creation of the steering wheel. Prices could range anywhere from $100 to $200 for designer quality steering wheels, with some brands offering either more or less the stated amount.

When considering to upgrade to a higher diameter wheel than the stock equipment, consult the dealer or manufacturer of the aftermarket steering wheel if such a diameter is appropriate for your car. But a 1 to 2 inch upgrade is normally acceptable as an appropriate modification.


Not all cars are created the same and the kind of installation procedure will depend on the make and model of the car. Most aftermarket wood grain steering wheels in the market will need an adapter to properly fit the steering column. These adapters are sold separately most of the time and an inquiry about such an additional part is vital for proper installation.

Other cars with built in radio and cruise control buttons on the stock steering wheel will benefit from a professional when it comes to proper installation. A steering wheel with a stock airbag system would have to be handled carefully and requires technical knowledge about various vehicle electrical systems.

Other connections such as the horn would have to be integrated to the new wood grain steering wheel as well. A DIY enthusiast would do better with an instruction manual on how to properly remove the steering wheel and dispose of the supplemental restraint system built-in on the stock wheel.

An aftermarket wood grain steering wheel is a worthy addition for a more attractive and functional interior. Consult a reputable mechanic for proper installation procedures to reduce the incidence of any problems that may arise in the future.

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