Choosing the Right Suspension Shock Absorbers

February 23, 2012

Learn how to choose the best suspension shock aborbers by understanding the different technologies used, best brands, and manufacturer specifications.

Suspension Component

Your suspension shock absorbers help keep the tires smoothly on the road, and improve both the braking and handling of the car. This makes your car more comfortable to drive as well as reduces fuel consumption. If they are worn or damaged, they should be replaced.

Manufacturer's Guidelines
Check the manufacturer's guidelines for your car. They will advise you on the type of shock absorber your vehicle requires, depending how the suspension system is set up. Most cars use a twin tube shock absorber, which need replacing on a regular basis. However, if you are driving a high performance or an off-road vehicle, you may find you need gas charged or monotube shock absorbers.

Which Brand?
Different brands of shock absorbers have different specifications depending on the type of driving you do and your annual mileage. Some shock absorbers are made to last longer than others and this will affect the price of the shocks. Look for a reputable brand that is within your budget. Make sure that the shock absorber has a high-quality design that will help your car's performance.

Hydraulic shock absorbers are oil filled and are often used on specialist vehicles. They are an expensive option, due to the manner in which they work. They use a three-stage compression process and have the ability to adjust of their own accord. Repair of these types of shock absorbers is costly and will require an experienced technician. Many vehicle manufacturers produce hydraulic shock absorbers.

This can be an expensive option, but when a high level of control is required while driving a vehicle, such as for over rough terrain, gas filled arch shock absorbers are beneficial. Pressurized nitrogen gas is used for this purpose. Gas suspension shock absorbers provide a high level of security, with many varieties coming with replacement gas cartridges for when they are necessary.

Shock absorbers comprised of basic coils are one of the most common suspension parts used on vehicles. They are one of the cheapest types available and are fitted as standard on the majority of cars on the market. There are a range of manufacturers for this type of shock absorber, such as Tein and Cobra, in addition to those produced for specific makes of vehicle.

Finally make sure you choose shock absorbers that come with a good warranty. If you find that the shock absorbers are faulty, the manufacturer should give you the option to return them and get a replacement.

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