Common Car Concerns: ECU Problems

October 31, 2012

With the large number of processes that are electronically controlled in a car, ECU problems can cause the car to become near impossible to use. Being aware of the types of problems that can occur with an ECU will ensure that you are prepared should the worst occur.


There are a number of different faults that can occur as a result of ECU problems, from the doors failing to open, to the engine not working effectively. The failure of the car’s computer will prevent the car from being controlled as it should, which will make it necessary to peruse the car’s manual as part of the repair process.


When ECU problems arise, it will often be necessary to have the car examined by a repairing garage that specialize in ECU systems. They will be in a position to connect a reader to the controller unit, which will allow them to determine the cause of the fault. An Electronic Controller Unit provides the means to allow the fault to be diagnosed by providing a fault code, which will confirm what repair is required. You may find that the vehicle’s manual will contain a list of the fault codes and what part of the vehicle that they relate to.


Different vehicles make use of different fault codes, and you are likely to find that repairers will specialize in certain vehicles or types of ECU systems. The ECU will often relate to the ability of the car, which will make performance car repair essential to keep the vehicle running as it should.

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