Dual Exhaust System: Pros and Cons

October 31, 2012

A dual exhaust system can make a car look better and improve the performance. Is it everything people claim, however? What are the pros and cons of fitting a dual exhaust system to your vehicle?


Most vehicles come equipped with a single exhaust from the factory. Upgrading to a dual exit exhaust increase the flow of gases and boosts the horsepower of your engine. Some people claim 12 horsepower more with the dual exhaust system.

You need to be sure you don’t go for the wide bore pipes, as there will be more thrust through a standard bore. Polishing the inside of the pipes will add to the airflow. You can also find a small increase in your mileage per gallon with a dual exhaust system, and for those who desire it, the exhaust noise will be throatier.


You have to find the right dual exhaust system for your car, which takes time and research. There are different kinds of dual exhaust system, and if you’re going to install one, you want the best possible. Then you have the expense of buying it and having it fitted, unless you can do the work yourself. Those expenses mount up.

For a dual exhaust system to be as efficient as possible, you’re also going to need a new air filter and intake, which means spending even more money. However good that dual exhaust system might sound, it’s worth remembering that there are laws about noise levels. It’s fine for your car to sound sporty, but you still need to be legal.