Fiberglass Body Kits vs. Carbon Fiber Auto Kits

October 31, 2012

Fiberglass body kits have been popular for a long time. In early kits the pieces were actually clamped to their templates, but over the years the industry has learned how to handle fiberglass. Now, carbon fiber body kits are gaining on fiberglass.

Fiberglass Composition
Fiberglass is a composite material, made of fine glass filaments or fibers held together with resin. It is lightweight and widely used. It's also very low in cost. It is also a very rigid composite so that you can do some extreme styling with it. Fiberglass body kits are, for the most part, the body kits of choice of the majority of manufacturers. The body kit makers have, by and large, made their production jigs and templates to work with fiberglass and they also understand its foibles.

Fiberglass Issues
With fiberglass you have extra steps in the painting process, so that instead of laying down a smooth coat of primer and then topcoat and sealer, you also have to make sure that it is sanded absolutely smooth with finer grit paper and lastly fine steel wool. This adds time and expense. Fiberglass can also break pretty easily, especially when you hit a curb.

An upside is that you can repair a broken fiberglass part. You can clamp a broken piece of fiberglass back together, patch it and apply new epoxy. When it is set, you sand it down, prepare the surface and paint it again.

Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber, like fiberglass, is a composite material. Its manufacture involves taking carbon filaments putting them under pressure and sealing them with resin. The key is that the composites and color are injected into a template or molding jig for whatever part the manufacturer is making. That means it can be formed into any shape in any color, with no need for painting.

Carbon Fiber Issues
The downside is that when it breaks, it isn't repairable. You have to replace the entire piece. Another drawback is that it is very expensive.

The Best Custom Sport Body Kits for High Performance Vehicles

Sports body kits add style and enhance handling at higher speeds. This enhanced handling is accomplished by a term known as racing ground effects. Sports body kits installed on high performance cars channel the air in specific patterns and directions to increase what is known as "down force." Down force helps increase traction at speed. The front air dam tends to channel most air around the car, while the rear air dam helps pull the air out from underneath it, creating a vacuum under the car. The spoiler is a wing on the rear of the vehicle which uses the force of air to push the rear of the car to the ground.

Xenon High Performance Kits
Xenon is one of the more popular names in the sport body tuning market. Each of their parts can be purchased separately or as a complete and matched kit. Buying matched kits tends to remove the possibility of imbalances being induced by body kit parts not being designed to work together.

DG Motorsports Sport Body Kits
Kits and pieces from DG Motorsports come in urethane, fiberglass and carbon fiber composites. They are also available singly or as complete matched kits. DG makes body kit parts for both hard tops and convertibles, also.

RK Sport
RK Sport specializes in providing full kits for GM vehicles. Founded by a top driver on the SCCA circuit in 1993, you can be assured that the kits they provide will be both functional as well as fashionable.

Extreme Dimensions Mazda RX7 Sleek Body Kit
This sleek body kit really enhances the Mazda RX7. The best feature of this kit is that it has a pointed overhanging nose part that adds to the strong, aggressive nature of the car. This kit is ideal for racing. It is also sold at a reasonable price compared to some racing kits you can find.

Extreme Dimensions Mazda RX7 C2 Body Kit
This kit will really enhance your car and give it a race style. It has an incredibly sophisticated feel and also makes the car seem stronger and more powerful. In addition, this kit comes in a carbon fiber material that is light and handy for those that want something lightweight and effective. It is particularly good when you want to make a statement showing that your car is powerful and using it for racing.

Extreme Dimensions Mazda RX7 V-Speed Kit
This V-Speed kit for your car is designed specifically to give anyone who owns one of these a certain racing look. It also gives the car that look to accompany the hard engine. This body kit is subtle enough in regards to how it works. The car is made wider and the back bumper will actually stick out on the sides with this kit.

Extreme Dimensions 03-06 Porsche Cayenne CTR Body Kit
If you own a Porsche then you should definitely look at this particular body kit for racing and performance. It is extremely durable and can withstand damage. It is reasonably priced and is made from high quality materials. It features a combination of plastic and fiberglass and comes in a black primer finish.

Sarona 89-95 Suzuki Sidekick Full Body Kit SZ-004-KT
This body kit is perfect if you want one that is elegant but also functional and powerful. With a bit of work you will find that this body kit will give your car a great feel to drive.

If enhancing the look of your ride is all you want to do, feel free to mix and match parts from a variety of vendors. But if you want increased ride quality and handling, you should purchase one of the full sport body kits available.