Fixing It Yourself: Supercharger Repair Tips

October 31, 2012

Supercharger repair is not as difficult as it may appear. Many of the problems that can occur are easy and inexpensive to repair. The key to being able to fix a turbo or supercharger correctly is to understand what is causing the problem.

Materials and Tools Needed:

  • Cleaning solvent
  • Rags
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Oil drain line
  • Boost controller spring
  • Oil
  • Air filter
  • Pulley
  • Torque wrench

1. Main Problems

The main problems that will require repair include losing power, extreme noisiness and blue exhaust smoke. The noise and power problems can normally be fixed by yourself. However, certain issues such as blue smoke will require a professional mechanic.

2. Cleaning

First clean the exterior. A dry cleaning solvent is the best. Ensure that all moisture has been wiped away after cleaning. Make sure that the air passage is clean. If necessary, replace the air cleaning element. Carbon buildup can also occur in the housing unit, and this should be cleaned out.

3. Duct Connections

Because superchargers work by compressing air, any loose connections will cause problems with the air compression. Most of the time the duct connections will have loosened and air will escape. This means that it is more difficult for the pressure to get high enough. The connections are normally made with screws or bolts and can be tightened with wrenches.

4. Air and Oil

One of the most common problems is a dirty air filter. This can cause clogging and if left too long can cause oil leaks. Once the air filter has been cleaned or changed, ensure that the oil level is correct in the crankcase. Add oil until it is at the level found in the manual.

5. Hoses

The hoses that go into and out of the supercharger may be clogged. A blocked hose will normally result in a lot of noise. Unclamp the hoses and check for blockages. Reattach all the clamps securely once the hoses are clear. Sometimes the oil drain line will become clogged. If the oil is very thick or has a consistency like sludge, then something is blocking the line. This line will need to be replaced.

6. Springs

A worn down spring that is found at the boost control will reduce the power. An easy fix is to replace the spring.

7. Pulley

A broken supercharger pulley will cause massive problems. It will cause coolant leaks, the electrical system to go haywire and more. Many times the pulley and the bearing that hold it into place will fail. Once a new pulley is purchased it is fairly easy to replace and does not require any special tools. In order to replace the pulley, the car will need to be raised on jacks and then the right side splash guard removed. In order to ensure that the pulley is properly secured, a torque wrench is required.

8. Get Help

Many times it will require another set of hands in order to access and fix the turbo or supercharger. It is easiest to purchase a supercharger tool kit, because this will include all the tools necessary for repairs.