How to Chose the Right Performance Muffler for Your Car

February 17, 2012

Learn about the factors that contribute to a performance muffler's overall functioning, such as the exhaust diameter, size and materials used.

Performance Muffler

A performance muffler contributes much to your car's overall appearance and performance. The main differences between a standard muffler system and a performance muffler are the muffler diameter and the power gains that can be attained by utilizing these larger diameter mufflers.

Exhaust Diameter
One of the most important factors to address when shopping for a new performance muffler is the diameter of your existing exhaust system. You can buy adaptors that will allow you to connect a performance muffler to an exhaust of a differing diameter, but this is not recommended as it cannot provide as secure a fitting as one of the correct diameter.

Cars using exhaust diameter adaptors may not produce as much power as a properly-fitted equivalent and may also prove dangerous when used for long periods of time without maintenance. Finding out the diameter is very simple. Make sure that the engine has not been running for at least an hour as the exhaust system remains hot for a long time after driving. Measure the diameter of the exhaust pipe using a measuring tape.

Materials and Size
Now that you know the diameter of your exhaust system, you can narrow down the possible options and begin evaluating the best purchase. Many performance mufflers are known as free-flowing mufflers, which provide an extremely large space through which the exhaust sound can reverberate. This not only produces a deeper note but also provides more power gains to the engine.

Usually, high quality performance mufflers will be built from long-lasting and strong materials such as stainless steel. However, modern designs incorporating materials such as carbon fiber and titanium have recently been introduced that may offer performance benefits over older models. As always, you should research any product with new status to determine whether or not it is really worth the extra money.

As one would expect, a performance muffler made of higher quality materials and from a more established company will operate faultlessly for a lot longer. A low-end performance muffler may cost $40 to $80, while a high-end version may tip the budget at $100 to $500.

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