How to Pick the Best Body Lift Kits

October 31, 2012

Body lift kits are an aftermarket car modification option that allow you to lift your car to make it taller. A body lift is a type of lift that raises the body of the vehicle higher and away from the frame, as opposed to the other type of lift, a suspension lift, which adjusts the height of the vehicle by changing the springs and shocks in the suspension system. Unlike a suspension lift, a body lift does not increase ground clearance, although it can allow for bigger tires by increasing the height of the wheel wells. Body lifts are less expensive than suspension lifts, but they only serve the aesthetic function of making your car taller, and not so much the practical function of increasing it's handling. The following set of step-by-step instructions will give you all the information you need to find the best body lift kit for your car.

Step 1: Decide What Kind of Body Lift Kit You Need

Every model of car has slightly different frame and suspension system, so there are different lift kits for various car makes and models; for example, a Chevy body lift kit will be different from a Ford body lift kit, and you will not be able to use either of them on the other kind of car. Also, body lift kits come in three height adjustments, one inch, two inches or three inches. Decide how much you want to raise your car.

Step 2: Research Lift Kits of Your Desired Height For Your Car Model

Some car models may require additional money and effort to raise with a body lift kit. If the gearshift is too short, you will have to extend it farther through the floorboard in order to lift the car's body, and you may have to raise or extend the bumpers as well. If you don't want to deal with these complications, you may want to try a lower body lift or a suspension lift.

Step 3: Consider Prices

Since body lift kits are relatively simple, consisting of only blocks and spacers, newly made ones are all of around the same quality. This means that basically the only factor that determines whether you should buy a lift kit from one company or another is price, so you should look carefully at stores and on the Internet to find the best possible deal.

Step 4: Consider Safety

Remember that the higher you raise the body of your car, the higher its center of gravity will be. Since a higher center of gravity makes handling more difficult and rolling the car easier, think about safety when you are deciding how high you want your body lift kit to be.

While less expensive, body lift kits serve less functional purpose than suspension lift kits, so if your interest in lift kits is to improve you vehicle's handling, you may want to lay down a bit more to get a suspension lift instead of a body lift. On the other hand, if your interest is to make your car taller, or to accommodate bigger wheels or tires, a body lift may be a good option for you. Carefully consider what you want to accomplish before you start the long and complicated process of making modifications to your vehicle.

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