How to Remove the Inner Tube from a Car Tire

October 31, 2012
A car tire may contain an inflated inner tube section that helps to keep the tire in the proper shape and provide structural support for the tire. Removing car tire inner tube is a relatively straightforward procedure that may be necessary for certain types of repairs.

Gather Your Materials
You'll need to gather the following materials in order to remove the inner tube from your car tire:

  • Hydraulic jack and jack stands
  • Socket wrench or air impact drill
  • Multiple screwdrivers
  • Crowbar

Prepare the Car
Park the car on a flat, open surface where you'll have plenty of room in which to spread out and work. Use the hydraulic jack to lift the car on the side where you'll remove the tire. Prop up the car onto the jack stands so that it's securely fixed in place.

Remove the Tire
Use your socket wrench to remove the tire from the vehicle. Unscrew the nuts that hold the tire in place and keep them in a safe location where you'll be able to access them later on. If you cannot unscrew the nuts using the socket wrench, use an air compressor drill or an air impact drill to help (in this case, be sure to wear protective eyewear and other safety equipment).

Locate and Remove the Tire Bead
The tire is a line of rubber that fastens the outer portion of the tire in place around the inner tube. Use either a large screwdriver or a small crowbar to hold the end of the tire bead up. Pry it up and out from the center of the tire by placing the tip of the screwdriver or crowbar inside the bead and pushing the other end of the device down toward the center of the tire. Pull the tire bead out over the edge of the wheel.

Remove the Casing from the Wheel
After you've pulled the tire bead over the edge of the wheel, insert a second screwdriver underneath the first. This will help you pull the other side of the wheel off of the casing. Once you've done that, you can pull the inner tube from the tire out of the casing. You may need to manually detach the edge of the casing from the inner tube in order to do this.

Replacement inner tubes should be partially filled with air before you attempt to place them back into the wheel.