Safe and Cheap Suspension Lift Kits

October 31, 2012

Cheap suspension lift kits can be quite well built and may meet your needs, provided that you're not looking for the highest quality handling and performance that is available.

Rugged Ridge
Rugged Ridge makes a series of wholesale suspension lift kits for Jeep vehicles and other related cars. These lift kits provide you with added height for your vehicle and will not break the bank, either. They are well made and easy to install. The total cost of materials is typically less than about $300 or $400, depending upon which kit you buy.

Trail Master
Trail Master lift kits are also inexpensive and are equally well built. Trail Master provides a wider array of different kits for a larger number of vehicle types and styles, so it's more likely that you'll find the kit that you're looking for. Trail Master kits are not known for their extreme longevity, but the performance quality they deliver is quite good.

There are many other types of inexpensive lift suspension kits as well, but the exact one that you'll find works best depends upon your driving style and car. Ask a professional for more advice about how to pick the right kit.

Related Questions and Answers

What is a Long Travel Suspension Kit?

A long travel suspension kit is a kit that replaces the stock suspension system with an alternate suspension that provides a change in ride quality and vehicle height. Most long travel suspension kits provide replacement control arms, axle extensions, tie rods, shocks, shock towers, spindles (optional), frame gussets, extensions for the brake lines (if required for the make and model vehicle), and sway bar (along with bushings and end links). Always check to see if the remaining OEM suspension parts will be substantial enough to handle the change. If not, then they will need to be replaced as well.

Is a Coilover Suspension Kit Cheaper than other Types?

A coilover suspension kit will provide minimal lift and ride control, and is less expensive than other types of suspension kit add-ons. Other kits have considerably more components, and require a greater amount of work to install. The cost savings realized in a coilover system is because the components are similar in design to the standard strut system used on many vehicles. A coilover is a coil spring over a strut or shock. Some types are fixed with regards to ride control, while others are adjustable. Moreover, lift adjustments can typically be made from 0 to 4 inches.

How Does a Performance Suspension Kit Compare in Price to Lift Suspension Kits?

A performance suspension kit will cost significantly more than a standard lift kit. Depending on the vehicle and the brand of the kit chosen, a performance suspension kit will run three to four times that of a lift kit. Typical lift kits average in the price range of $300 to $500, while performance suspension kit pricing ranges from $1,300 to $2,500. Of course, depending on the desired result of the kit, costs can even run higher. In addition, this does not include installation. If you are not an expert mechanic, you should have the work done for you.

Is a Rear Suspension Kit More Expensive than a Front Suspension Kit?

A rear suspension kit is usually not as expensive as a front suspension kit, because the rear end does not have the steering components found on the front end. Moreover, front wheel drive (FWD) vehicle rear suspension kits cost less than those used on rear wheel drive vehicles, because FWD vehicles do not have a rear differential. Therefore, the suspension system is not as complex. Depending on the vehicle's make and model, rear end suspension cost will be affected by the complexity of the rear end.

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