Simple Car Stereo Wiring Harness Instructions

October 31, 2012

Your car stereo wiring harness is color coded according to function. This makes it easier to perform modifications or repairs to any component of the audio system, as the coded wires could easily be distinguished to make troubleshooting easier. Let it be known that the wiring diagram, installation and harness will vary according to car manufacturer. The wiring harness may also vary by make and model year of the car.

1. Car Stereo Wiring Harness

It is advised that you use a snap on wire harness connector to simplify the existing wiring in your car. A snap on wire harness is designed to conform to the colored wire codes of most aftermarket head unit brands. This will make it easy to connect, modify and troubleshoot any component of the audio system. 

When viewed from the mating side of the connector, the car stereo wiring harness of your car will be classified by number or letter, with each pin corresponding to a separate wire of every component in the audio set up. Depending on make and model, the left front speaker could be labeled to pin A with an aqua or purple wire color.

2. Audio Diagram and Wiring Installation  

The Internet is a rich source of valuable information regarding the car stereo wiring harness and diagram in your car. The Install Doctor provides a comprehensive list of stereo wiring harness diagrams for any make and model of vehicle. A quick download will give you a color coded and classified diagram of your car stereo wiring as well as a list of each wire's function.