The Best Subwoofers for Cars, Trucks and SUVs

October 31, 2012

Determining the best subwoofer for your vehicle is a difficult process. In some cases, you'll be looking for subwoofer performance above all else; in others, you may be looking at subwoofer size or price.

Performance and Price
Two of the biggest factors in the decision of which subwoofer to choose are performance and price. While it's true that the best subwoofers tend to cost more than others, you don't necessarily need to purchase the most expensive one in order to meet your needs. Analyze what kind of music you play, how often you use the sound system, how much you're investing in the other components and more. You may find that a less expensive subwoofer will completely meet your needs without breaking the budget.

Other Factors
Size is another important determining factor. Some subwoofers are simply too big to fit into certain types of cars. Analyze where you'll place the subwoofer in the vehicle. Decide how large it can be based on that. You also want to determine how you can best enclose the subwoofer within that space.

The Best Subwoofers for Compact Cars

While it's true that there's no single best car subwoofer for every person and car, there are some that work better for certain situations than others. A compact car subwoofer may be adequate for your needs, depending not only upon the size of your vehicle but also on your music listening preferences.

  • 8" subwoofers. The smallest sized subwoofers commonly available are those around 8"es across. For many larger vehicles and high end sound systems, an 8" subwoofer will not be adequate for the job. The subwoofer sound is likely to not be as pristine or as powerful as that of a larger, wider subwoofer. However, if you have a small car and a limited amount of space in which to place a subwoofer, you should consider the 8" variety. The sound will likely be adequate for what you need to fill up the space inside of your vehicle. 8" subwoofers are also easy to install, portable and less expensive than larger ones. The best 8" subwoofers are generally those made by Alpine
  • 10" subwoofers. The next largest is the 10" subwoofer. Many people with compact cars still find that this is a good option for them. A subwoofer that is 10 inches wide generally has much better sound quality than that of an 8" subwoofer. Another benefit to these subwoofers over the smaller ones is that there are a number of additional manufacturers, meaning that you'll have a wider selection. Top rated 10" subwoofers include those made by Pioneer
  • Pairs of subwoofers. If you prefer to have an extraordinary amount of bass sound in your compact car, consider getting two subwoofers. Generally speaking, you want to purchase two of the same type of subwoofer to create an even and balanced sound throughout the vehicle. With two subwoofers, you also need to ensure that you have an amplifier set up in the car. This will direct the power to both subwoofers evenly and you with a single place to connect all of the different speakers. People who are looking to install a professional level sound system generally go for two small-sized subwoofers in their compact car. Alpine is known for producing some of the best subwoofers that work in pairs, regardless of size

The Best Subwoofers for Trucks

There is a wide variety of truck subwoofers and truck car speakers out there. A truck subwoofer will give your vehicle an added dimension that you've been looking for. The bigger the subwoofer, the more bass you will get.

  • Kicker Comp 07TC104C12 Vent Truck Box 4-Ohm. This model features a 10" subwoofer in a specific enclosure for better performance and power. It has 150 watts and gives maximum sound quality for your truck. The great thing about this subwoofer is that it will not take up much room if you're restricted on space
  • Kicker 07tcvt 2-2 Comp Vt series 12" 2 Ohm 800 Watt. This subwoofer is a perfect choice for your truck if you want loud sounds with a huge amount of power. It features an enormous 800 watts in a 12" subwoofer, so it's still not that large if only limited space is available. Another advantage is that it comes packaged in an enclosure box that is sealed. It is also weather resistant and waterproof with its cover, and protected in case you have an accident in the truck
  • Orion XTRPRO122. This pack has a 12" subwoofer along with 500 watts of power RMS rating. This is a perfect choice for trucks because it comes with an enclosure box. It doesn't take up much space and is easy to install

The Best Subwoofers for SUVs

There are many SUV subwoofers to choose from and many different subwoofer sizes. If you choose the correct subwoofer for your needs, it gives you a sound that is free from distortion and you will enjoy it far more.

  • Rockford Fosgate P3D412 Punch P3 12" 500 Watt. When searching for a great subwoofer, look no further than this. This includes some great bass sounds and is extremely strong and durable. You won't be able to break it, even if you try. It has a feature that allows it to be cooled down at certain times in order to prevent it getting too hot. It is definitely one of the best subwoofers on the market
  • Kenwood KFC-W3012 12". This is a good option if you have a small budget. It's important that you have sound for your system that is very clear in terms of quality, and this will offer that. It has great performance and a price that is relatively cheap. It is very durable and will not let you down. This subwoofer is great value for money and still has all the qualities of a more expensive model
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