The Difference between Car and Truck Subwoofer Boxes

October 31, 2012

There are a number of differences between car and truck subwoofer boxes, so it's important that you have a reasonably good idea of what you're looking for before making a purchase. A truck subwoofer box will be different in terms of its shape and size than a compact car subwoofer box will be, meaning that they're not entirely interchangeable most of the time.


There are numerous differences between the size and shape of a car and truck subwoofer box. The reason for this is generally having to do with where the subwoofer box will be located within the car. In a standard automobile, the subwoofer will typically be placed in the trunk, where there is ample space for a larger speaker and a larger speaker box. In a truck, on the other hand, where there is less space inside of the cab and no trunk to speak of, the subwoofer is often placed underneath the seat. This means that a truck subwoofer box is often smaller.


There are also shape differences between truck and car subwoofer boxes. This means that a car subwoofer box, which is often slanted to accommodate the unusual shape of the trunk in which it will rest, is different from the standard boxy shape of one for a truck.

For more information about subwoofers and subwoofer boxes for your truck or your car, speak with a car audio expert in your area for additional advice.

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