The Club Steering Wheel Lock: How the Club Security System Works

February 15, 2012

Steering wheel locks nudge thieves to move on to other cars. Compare the original Club steering wheel lock to new versions like the LX and the Shield.

Car Theft

The Club steering wheel lockhas been on the market since 1983 and has prevented countless car thefts. The theory behind the Club is that if you can't steer the car, it cannot be stolen. The club wraps around the steering wheel and prevents it from moving, which makes the car much harder to steal. It comes in many variations and offers a number of optional accessories that can help protect your vehicle.

Visual Protection
The Club not only locks the wheel, but provides visual deterrence which basically means a thief will often just not bother trying to steal a car that has a club attached. While The Club is not fool proof, it does take extra time and effort to remove. A car thief wants to get into the car and get it started as quickly as possible. If they have to deal with removing a Club, they are more likely to move on to the next car.

The Original Club
This is the first steering wheel lock product introduced, and still one of the most popular car security systems available. It is easy to use, fairly inexpensive and does not take up much room in your vehicle. Installing one is simple, put one hook around one side of the steering wheel, pull it tight until the other hook is around the other side of the steering wheel, and lock with the key. Millions of Original Clubs have been sold and they have protected cars all around the world. The Original Club retails for around $45.00.

The Club LX
This is basically the second generation Club. It comes in colors other than red and black, has a laser encrypted key, and chrome plated lock housing. There is not a huge difference between the two. The LX offers a $1,000 guarantee towards a car owner's insurance deductible if the vehicle is stolen when the Club is properly installed. The Original Club only offers a $500.00 guarantee. This version retails for around $55.00.

The Shield
One potential problem with the club is that sawing through the steering wheel can result in the Club being removed pretty easily. The shield is an extremely hard metal shell that fits around the steering wheel. This prevents both the cutting of the steering wheel as well as removal of the air bag. The shield sells for around $25.00.

Other Versions
There are numerous other versions of the Club. A SUV/Truck version is a bit longer. The Wheel Lock is the cheapest version of The Club, retailing for around $30.00. Twin Hook versions offer twice the protection and a wheel/brake pedal club hooks around the brake pedal and the steering wheel. Finding the right product will depend on your vehicle and how much you want to spend. The best way to compare their products is to visit The Club's website.

The Club has earned a reputation as the ultimate anti theft device. It can help keep your car safe and prevent you from becoming the next victim of a car thief.

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