Used Body Kits: Prices to Expect and Where to Find Them

October 31, 2012

Used body kits represent a much cheaper option than buying new. You can save a great deal of money and still find very good quality when you purchase second hand body kits. As with new, these can vary from spoilers to full body kits.

Print Ads

Classified ads in magazines and local newspapers are a good source for cheap body kits that have been used. The advantage to local newspapers is that you can inspect the used body kits in person to check they're in good condition. Magazines tend to be national, so you'll be relying on photographs to judge the condition and they're not always accurate.


Internet auction sites are perhaps the biggest source of used body kits. As with magazines you're relying on the honesty of the seller. You'll also need to pay the shipping for the items, which can add a hefty amount to the bill for a cheap body kit. The advantage is that you'll be presented with a great deal of choice, so there's a much greater chance of finding exactly what you want.


The prices are going to vary, of course. That's particularly true on Internet auction sites, where the range can be great. As a general rule you should expect to pay about half as much as you would for a new body kit. That will apply if the used body kits are in excellent condition. The poorer the condition, the lower the price. Be aware that if you don't buy locally, the shipping costs will boost the price and you'll need to figure that into your calculations.