What Benefits do you Get with Carbon Fiber Fenders?

October 31, 2012

If you are trying to replace the fenders on your vehicle with the highest quality new ones you can, you should consider carbon fiber fenders. Carbon fiber is one of the most sought-after materials that is used in automobile manufacture today, although it is also one of the most expensive, so it may not be best for you if you have to fit your new fenders into a tight budget. This material is made using millions of extremely thin fibers composed of carbon atoms in a semi-crystalline structure. Because the carbon is organized into such a regular structure at the microscopic level, the fibers are very strong for their size. These fibers are then twisted into a yarn, which is then woven together to make a fabric. Plastic resins are then added to the fabric to help it keep the desired shape.

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Fenders

Because of the unique way in which the material is made, a carbon fiber body is one of the best types of auto bodies available. The woven nature of a carbon fiber fender makes it much more flexible and durable than one made out of a single piece of metal, and since carbon fiber is significantly less dense than steel it is more light weight, which increases fuel efficiency. The resins that cover most carbon fiber fenders also keep them looking shiny and new long after they are installed, and the shiny fabric-like appearance looks cool. Scratches are much less noticeable on the surface of a carbon fiber fender than a traditional metal one.